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The beginning of my new song: DOUBLE LIFE

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DOUBLE LIFE! You can feel anger and depression rising up as love and forgivness fade away Who you used to be, is nowhere in sight YOu're living a double life You hide who you are day and night Two sides of you are putting up a fight (That's all i've got so far)
i recognize your pic its tobymac right? i love the poem so true
ha yes yes it is him! lol :D He's awesome... and thank you! I ain't finished with it yet

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Other answers:

yea i love his music hes but so far its great cant wait to read the rest
Yes he is. Just saw him in concert Friday! it was AESOME!!! and thanks, uh I'm workin gon it lol. Idk when it'll be down but i'll tag you
awwww..lucky i bet it was...ok then cant wait:) when i was small i use to tell my mom he was my bf lol
This song is my favorite.. Well not favorite but beast!
1 Attachment
omg I call him my man! lol :D He's sticking awesome!!! His performance, I was like AHHHHHH when he stepped out! lol
haha hes so cute but i have a bf so hes yours.....for now hehehe...i would to i would jump over there to hug him
The guys got to sing on stage with him and dance, I was UPSET!!! I was like I WANNA DANCE WITH TOBYMAC!!! I was upset lol.. and okay, he is totally mine! haha, my mom says i'm obbsessed. I have pictures of him all over my wall lol and got like MASS cd's from him
I cam back and was like I"M MEETING HIM OVER THE SUMMER AND HE"S GIVING ME A HUG!!! lol wearing his bracelet righ tnow haha
haha wow my mom dont like him lol i would wana dance with him too..i want cds from him but my mom dont let me..haha well hes your..
OMG! She don't let you? WHY NOT? :0I would die without listening to him!!
idk but im ok with it because i listen to him on the computer
haha smart! lol
@LonelyandForgotten MY SONG! :D lol

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