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Im writing a paper on Anti-gay people, all I need is a conversation for writing material

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I am gay, and in my mostly christan school my teacher has asked me to wright this for extra credit. They want to know what their discrimination feels like on my side. So since I cant have a real conversation with any of them without getting the crap beat out of me, if there is someone on here who does NOT like gay people, would you mind talking with me so that I can try and understand your opinion to wright a better paper.
I'm a Christian...I don't believe in "gay" for say...but I'm not against them or hate them. Because they are people they have that choice to make if they want to be gay or not. I do not believe that they are born that way but it is a self choice.
please dont get mad for me asking you btw thank you for answering...but why exactly do you think its a choice?

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Other answers:

dont worry about my feelings...say your honest opinion
I don't think I know...I mean you're straight your whole life...until you get "these feelings" towards the same sex. It's a choice you don't get those feelings and understand it until you'r older. And if you say you go to a Christian should know God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Sorry,that's a little joke I've been told in the past. There is a reason behind why you think your gay and attracted to the same sex as you. And until you figure that out you will keep saying to yourself I am gay. I love the same sex. I don't want to blow out into a big fight about it I am just stating my opinion and saying how I feel. I mean I am not against them at all. If that's how they want to live go ahead let them live that way. I don't think it's necessarily right but if they for say love that person then go ahead be with them!
once again thank you for replying... and if you know anyone else who has simular thoughts to you could you tag them in here please, because if I try and do this baised on one opinion I would get an F...thank you
Sadly I don't know of anyway...but I can surely look around.(:
thank you...@redred413 do you know anybody with negativly strong opinions on this subject?
No I don't...
ok thank you
well I can say, I'm christain, born and raised that way.. and my feelings personally I couldn't help but like my best friend who was a girl like my self.. it's a very strong emotion you may not choose to have, but you choose to accept it.. That's my opinion..
thank you very much!
No prob!! Stick to your side as well. People need to know!
does anybody who has comminted know somebody else who can comment on this eather negatively or positivly? realy sorry about my spelling!
not really sorry...
ok well I need at least 6 more peoples comments for this...
Yes I do! :D @Tylers_Babygirl101 @ChemicalX @Des12 HELP YA"LL!!!
thanke you so much!!!!!!
no prob! I have a few more I think.. @Jenn777 cann you help on this when you get back online.. @Lexy-Horan wanna comment she needs help?
thank you again
sure wat going on???
She needs a convo on anti-gay! can i help with this??? :):)
negative or positve is fine I just need an honest opinion
@Lexy-Horan are you against or for?
ok well my honest opinion is that it shouldn't matter if ur with the same sex, if the person ur with makes you happy thats all that should matters. you shouldn't judge ppl on weather there gay,lesbiane(mis spelled),or bisexaul.
does that help at all?? let me know if u have any thing else:)
thank you so much...I wish their were more people with your opinion!
:) ur welcome im glad i could help:D
Do you know anybody else who would comment?
ummm probably @ChemicalX @Tylers_Babygirl101 Shantel&Jenn- ya'll wanna help her:D i know u do:D:D:D
thank you!
ur welcome:D
@bakonloverk can you help girl!!
@geovannie.rodriguez1 ? I still need 5 more opinions negative or positive
@MarieSoLoved ? Do you have an opinion on this?
no y should i?
@bakonloverk thank you...@MarieSoLoved im just need to get sevral opinions on this
ur welcome
@ash2326 ? Could you comment?
@Luis_Rivera @robtobey can you comment? I just need 5 more peoples comments then I can close the question and do my paper.
oh sorry thanks
@dusty if you have an opinin on this could you say it? negative or positive just need 5 more honest opinions.
you know im not against at all! you should be what ever you wanna be :) I know people say God created adam and eve not adam and steve, but you know what, thats there problem if they dont like the fact that you are gay :) thats my opinion!
thank you so much for replying...I need 4 more peoples opinions befor I can start my paper so do you know anybody who can comment?
you can put my poem in it!! lol haha :D Don't though lol
yeah that would work out well with my homofobic teachers!XD
@taydillbeck ? do you have an opinion on this? sorry I dont mean to be taging everybody but I realy want to just finish my paper today.
I have nothing against homosexuals or lesbians. It is their choice. But I do not endorse it. It is disgusting and abnormal.
thanks for your opinion
@NotTim and @kymy_rose00 do you have an opinion?
weather your opinion is negative or positive it will still work...takes alot to make me mad XD
Okay so i've done a research project and according to it, being born gay is not possible. That isnt my opinion it's facts. What happens is they either have beenn touched or are born more feminine or masculine than others are. In our generations we are pushed more and more towards being gay, bi, lesbian. That's just how our world is. Kind of disappointing if you ask me. So our minds are being brainwashed into being a certain way. Now i dont know about you but when i look at another girl that way i feel like it's wrong That's why i don't like girls. Now from a christian point of view we don't hate what you do or hate you even (we aren't supposed to hate) we just dont like it. But it's kind of like a plug and an outlet, you cant but an outlet in an outlet annd get electricity and you cant put a plug inn a plug and get electricity. (less vulgar) That's why men are made for woman to make babies. If a man and a man were supposed to be together they would have babies together too.
i have to go for few minutes but I will be back and will reply because I havent read your thing yet.:)
ok, im going to try realy hard not to offend you here I am simply just putting my point across. My GAY girlfiend is not in anyway masculine in fact she is the most feminine person I know. Saying that people are gay because they are more like the other gender is realy just another steriotype that makes being gay seem like this horrible thing. Yes their are many gay people who tend to have some of the same trates as the oppisite gender and I am no exception to that, but the majority of gays do act their own gender. And that whole Chrstains dont hate thing in my opinion is very hypocritical, now I know that many christians are not like that but many of who I have met are, and if you dont belive me let me tell you a quick little story...Alomst everyday I get my head shuved into lockers, people just walk by and randomly punch me, I cant walk down the sidewalk home without having to constantly look over my sholder for sevral christan extreemist who has beat the crap out of me to many times to count...And my 4'6 girlfriend the day aftor she came out to everybody a week ago 3 guys who she has know since she was born (its a small town) took her behind the bleachers and did what they call "beat out the gay" she spent 2 days in the hospital with a concushion...sorry im just very tired right now, usualy I wouldnt let what you said bother me but to tell you the truth im sick and tired of not speeking out. Im done just turning the other cheek and taking it and bottleing it up! so if I have offended you in any way I am truly sorry I dont mean to hurt anybody, you are intitled to an opinion whatever that opinion may be. I truly hope you have a nice day.
please excuse my spelling, and I realy do not mean to offend anybody...
sorry @kymy_rose00 I realy do appolgise I should have just kept my mouth shut.
I don't think it's a choice, I think biologically something didn't necessarily go "wrong" but you are chemically imbalanced, I think you should embrace just like height or gender or hair color.
I don]t think gays should go special rights either, if they want to be "normal" like they say they do, they don't have to show it off or tell everyone right off the bat. Like for instance, I don't go around saying "Oh I'm straight, I should get special rights." Just like African Americans, if they're African Americans then I'm a Irish, Italian, Hungarian, French, etc. American. I don't believe in discrimination or bullying but I don't believe in special treatment either, straight, causasion people get bullied all the time.
@Stabar message me
Plus society takes a HUGE role in this. In anything.
@montrealgurl well can i tell you, not everybody is born this way.. Some things also happen to them as they grow up.. Sexually abused or something, so really it all depends.. I know I didn't come out my moms vaga and be olike hey guys I"M gay!!! And i didn't go out there didn't think of girls that way til about a year ago after everything that happened to me daily stopped so really it depends
Yes, I understand that's why I said society. It always depends on the person, it doesn't change the person either. I don't like when people start making out with other people in public anyways, just like anyone else.
actually it's had a huge impact on my life! I don't acer what people do b/c it's their life, just as the Amendments say, so in all honesty I just follow that let people talk. If they against cool if they for great.. That's how I look at it!
I just don't like how people talk about things like this to be honest, it's one's person life not theres.
@BrittanyFrench gets what I am saying, I rely didnt mean to start anything but why cant everybody just except us for who we are... their are diffrent varations of being gay. some people are even Bi, I was born gay, and no that doesnt mean I was immediatly attracted to girls because strate girls dont just come out and yell "give me a penis!!!" it takes time for you to start having feelings weather you are strate or gay. I started being attracted to girls in 4th grade which was right around the time when most of the girls would go "ok maby boys arnt so icky". And some people who are gay are not even born gay, their gay because something bad happened to them or sometimes their just a late bloomer. and with that part maby @BrittanyFrench could comment considering that being her situation.
Yeah that was my situation.. I was sexually abused by my sister, all that I really knew frm age 6-16.. So yeah That's how I sorta came out.. B/c it happends to me. I don't think i'd be attracted to girls if that didn't happen to me..
I would say as an scientist that the concept of same-sex attraction goes against same-sex attraction which was instilled or a natural born instinct in us for a purpose which is obviously procreation and that being gay you would be going against your nature that is instilled in you not only for your benefit(your blood to live on in your progeny) but for the benefit of the mankind at large. Just imagine if every human was attracted to his own sex...Well we will become obsolute; basically sodomizing ourselves out of exsistence. Hope this helps! Sophia
I meant goes againt opposite sex attraction whoops!
look im bi and wether if ur gay or not be who r u show the world who cares wat others say or think . be happy with who u r . its wat maks the world go round .
Thank you for both of your opinions :)

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