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To all those who are willing to be an ambassador

OpenStudy Ambassadors
I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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I have seen many users who are willing to become an ambassador and serve this site by welcoming the new users. Guys, as you all know that the next list of ambassadors will not be coming so earlier but don't lose hope and carry on your good work. Many are disappointed because of the delay of the list of the new ambassadors . No problem friends, you can also show us that you deserve to be an amby. You might not notice but the admins and mods are keeping on searching for better choices for ambassadors. Do your best to help the new users and help to solve their problems. If you *deserve* to be an amby then : No one can stop you to become an amby and No one can come between your duty and the target. So guys, keep on helping the users with the best effort. \(\LARGE{\color{blue}{\mathbb{BEST}} \space \color{orange}{\textbf{OF}} \space \color{red}{\frak{LUCK}}!}\)
\(\large{ \color{orange}{\textbf{Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!}}\\ \color{blue}{\textbf{Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own }}\\ \color{green}{\textbf{powers you cannot be successful or happy.}}}\) - Norman Vincent Peale
I'd like to be one.

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Other answers:

Tho I welcome new users when i can anyhow.
Good @help123please. , just keep it going on ... Best of Luck
i would also like to become an amby i get on every day for a little more than an hour and welcome as many people as possible and welcome them and show them around os
Well said @mathslover
If you are helping people, try to capture that in a link or a screenshot and add it to your profile. This is for Ambis and Ambi wannabes. SWAG has done a good job of that!
^ OK mam , I hope all will do :)
I would like to be an ambassador as well. @Preetha where do we put the link on our profile?
Well @frogs29 you have description about you in your profile settings, put that there or make the screenshot as a profile picture if you like it :)
@Luis_Rivera you mean eligibilites ?
@mathslover Ok thank you!
Well eligibilites are : i) Help others not answering but letting them to do it themselves , you've to just give direction ii) NO SPAM, NO TROLLS No age limit ... you just need to be a true OpenStudy fan
Main responsibility of an ambassador is to welcome the new users and guide them
A troll who drools!
Troll is basically irritating others, making jokes in the chat groups or in the questions.. (my opinion)
Are there a certain amount of spots open for ambassador or unlimited?
Well spots are open for all but the amount is not yet specified though if there will be unlimited spots then the decorum nd the post of ambys will not be cared for, I think when the admin thinks that there are enough ambys now then the spot closes and when there appears a need for more ambys then it opens again...
Well best of luck to everyone.
A GOOD LEADER ALWAYS THINK AS..... ." People should choose me as an amby" and not by my will...... Is what i Wish for.......
how do i take screen shots?
Very Nice
That might not be the right definition of a troll.
Actually, a troll is a person like @nincompoop or @bahrom7893 or @badreferences.
n @ParthKohli ....wat is u..?
'ello governah!

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