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heres a new poem just did this not finished tho please enjoy i guess...

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I’m hurt they just dont understand I cant take it no more by my side they never stand they think im a whore pain is killing me slowly just need someone to be there some one to hold me to think of that I cant bear parents don’t understand teens they do anything for use except let us be teens my dad to me he cussed my mom my life she controls me they no longer trust my heart has bullet holes cant tell anyone anything kept my feelings in since last summer my friends I can never bring everything’s gone what a bummer I dont feel love feel like a dirty rag not a precious dove I should pack my bag im not cold im scared been hurt to much to show anymore ......continued....
Wow thats deep...........
You can tell that you have alot of emotion in your poem, and it draws the reader into giving them a pic in there mind, which is the main goal of writing! Good Job, well done! :D

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Other answers:

thanks you guys i was feeling a little mad and hurt last nite so i thought of writing it relaxes me
It was really good! The one's with feelings are the one's that are strong and everything.. You have allot of emotion behind it.. I love it alot.. GOodjob!
I've been through something similar to this so I understand how you feel. I love the poem because like Brit said^, you can really feel the emotion in it.
yea i wrote it because i over heard my dad saying something about private school and since he told me he might send me there i got mad because he promised that if i behave and do good in school i will be going back to my school not private school so i am mad at my parents at the moment for lying
It's always good to write your feelings down on paper, but again, maybe he feels like it's a good choose for you, i'm not agreeing with him, but maybe just talking to him about it! That's all you really can do right now..
Maybe you're dad will be pleased when you show him you are happy doing what you love. I've been down that road, my mom wants me to go to bible school but i'm goin gto Vet school.. I'm doing what I love, in all honesty parents want their kids to be happy whether they admit it or not..
Once again I have to agree with you Brittany, maybe your father believes he's making the right decision by doing this. But then again he did promise you that if did good in public school that you could stay there. So you should tell him that he will be going back on his word if he sends you there without your say so. I know what you mean by him not listing, my father does that to when ever I just try to talk to him and then blames that I'm back talking to him when I'm not. So maybe the best thing is to just ask him to sit down with you and talk about your thoughts on this. Just say that you respect his decision but that's not what you want to do and that you want to follow your own path.
Sorry for the slow typing btw. :P
Maybe, he thinks you feel the same way the way he feels. Really all you can do is talk to him and give it the best shot@! you never know till you try.. Everything seems scary until you do it. I promise you, once you talk to him you will feel better. And maybe your dad misses that!
Maybe he just wants you to be a nurse because he doesn't think there's much promise in what you want to be?
Or maybe his dream was to be that way, but realy you just gotta get the confidence to tell him what you want, it's your life.. YOur father just thinks it's what best..
He probably thinks he doing you good sending you off to be a nurse but really he's just putting pressure on you.
when* not but
So the best thing to do is to talk to him, it's the only way to get him to see your side of the situation. It might be hard to but at least you know you tried.
I have to go finish my homework but I hope everything works out and if you need someone to talk to you can always message me. :)
ok thanks tho.
Its amazing. True story.
haha yep true story haha you still need your promise lol but i need a mic
ik but same tym
yes i no same time lol
This was great! Seriously. Like someone said a the top, when you include a lot of emotion in anything, it's more than like amazing. I like these lines: "I dont feel love feel like a dirty rag not a precious dove"
im glad you liked it haha didnt think it was that good but it was the emotions i was feeling at the moment.
wow thats realy good 0.0
That is truly beautiful i could feel all of the emotion flow through me with each passing word, i read.
thank you so much
You are most welcome. Thank you for sharing this.
I LOVE it i can totally understand this!
this is good you got skills :)
thanks this was all heart and emotions..tough day for me
u welcome
:/ ..... i am here for ya if u need!
no im ok haha theres alot of people that are here for me lol i got to much support . @Ray-Ray i like your music as well you got better skills than me @rodrigorodriguez wow your name so confusing to spell at first lol
Good! :P
thts exacly how i feel except my dad left
my dad left once but came back after 3 days...this life is tough
yeah msg me

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