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Comment and I'll tell you what song comes to mind when I think of you :3

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awe thats cute! u dont really no me but ima comment anyway!
@JoshSalvador77 The taco song-

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Other answers:

I dont have youtube xD So pick a song i know xD
Whatt song :3
@Raven5 Graduation (Friends Forever) - Vitamin C
Awwe thanks!
@Michael_Angel there's so many to choose from haha :3
Josh, you suck lol. Let me think..
Okie hehe :3
I got a song for you kitt :3
Ok josh idk why but this one just came to my mind Asking Alexandria - Closure
Ok Mikey, I think I got one :3 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
Bonjour comment allez vous?
Hehe :3 here you go
Parlez vous Français?
English sorry
i speak English also.
@LadyKatsaTheGraceling Je vais bien, comment vas-tu? Permettez-moi de penser à une chanson pour toi ma chérie (:
Awwwhh Mikey :3 ♥
Hehe <3 :3
Hmm still thinking Katsa.
Très bien merci beaucoup!
vous êtes les bienvenus, quel type de musique êtes-vous en?
vous êtes gentil
How is it going?
I'm always nice(: It's going good how bout you?
I am good also, thanks for asking.
Mikey is probably lost in our french conversation haha. I think I found a song(:
Qu'est-ce que o.o dire?
@BrittanyFrench Bonjour comment allez vous?
@LadyKatsaTheGraceling Salut, je suis bon! : D
Vous parlez français principalement n'avez-vous pas? J'ai dit Mikey est probablement perdue dans notre conversation. Oh and 'You're Beautiful- James Blunt'
@BrittanyFrench what type of music do you listen to?
haha mikey's lost in the coversation??
@Kitt020912 ME DON"T know lol.. Everything under the sun!
qui lol
Mauvais mikey! Je me sens mal
I still need a song for you Britt :o
Feliz Naveda! haha jkjk Idk lol
Suprise me!
pourquoi ne pouvons-nous être des amis
LOL, alright alright.. I got you :P
:D Good haha
Mon adorable petit Mikey :3
mignon petit mikey, comment adorable
ha ha ha
lol :D I'm getting better at this French stuff! lol
I take it French is not your main language?
lol, no! English is..
French is my last name
Coldplay - Paradise Non, mon mignon Mikey :3 ♥
@Michael_Angel Qu'est-ce que O.O dire?
omg i do not understan *cries*
@Michael_Angel what does "o.o" mean?
a look
Michael, it's what does that say! lol
I said mikey is mine :3
Le français est lastname Brittanys
awww <3
haha yes French is my last name lol..
@Michael_Angel ?????????????? o.o ??????????????????
What ?
@LadyKatsaTheGraceling Mikey dit que c'est mignon que j'ai appelé le mien.
@Michael_Angel Mew :3 ♥
I loves kitty :3
I have no idea still what "o.o" means
it is a face
awh :3
Are you two dating or something?
Maybe we are :3
Are you or aren't you?
Why are you so concerned? o.o
nous sommes, mais nous ne sommes pas, car ce n'est pas officiel pour l'instant.
When I say maube its a yes :3
I am not concerned I just thought you might be and so I just wanted to know that is all.
Eh bien, je suppose que c'est maintenant officiel. lol
Well now you know
Hehe :3
It's also a face
I know that I am not stupid!
Lol then why so many question marks?
* I know that. I am not stupid.
We never said you were stupid o.o
love to me is another confusing language
What about me ?
Hey Jenn :D Just a sec I got one for you :3
@LadyKatsaTheGraceling mmmk
@Tylers_Babygirl101 One Direction - One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)
@Michael_Angel I have never loved anyone or been loved myself so I dont really understand the feeling thats all
@LadyKatsaTheGraceling you will one day then you will understand it :)
You're welcome Jenn(:
I'm sure kitt would agree :3
@Michael_Angel i have been stalked by a guy that was obsessed with me though it was awful
@LadyKatsaTheGraceling ph wow I would say stay away from them guys o.o
o-O Yeahhh, you dont want those guys..
He followed me around and opened doors for me and other freaky things
Maybe he liked you and was showing his affection
it was freaky trust me
how is it freaky? :o
Lul :3 Have you ever asked him why he was doing it?
He wasnt even in the same class as me and still managed to open doors and follow me
no but my friend told me that he told her and made her promise not to tell me that he liked me "in that way"
Well I dont see anything wrong with it as long as he wasnt harmng you
Mikey, I just noticed that when I gave you a medal your smartscore went up by 1 :3
hehe yush :3
he stared at me and it was so freaky
Lolz kitty :3 listen to this and just keep this to yourself on who this is for :P
Omg, this one time when I went out to eat I made eye contact with is one guy. As soon as I made eye contact he stared for like 5 minutes while I awkwardly looked away. o-O
Lolz :3
Mikey, pm me the name of the song I cant get to it right now :l too much lag
So what o.o
Have you ever heard the song Radioactive by the Imagine Dragons? It is awesome
Nope lol
I like that song(:
Hey Kitt what about me, song or no;):):)
No song for chu :3
y not;(
I kidding :)
r u going to give it or is kitt giving it?
Lag, sorry. So I need a song for brain and swag.. alright(:
this one can be for swag :3
i want a song too. lol can i have one please :)
well ok mike got swags down.(:
sure joanna
i like swags song lol
Ayeeeeeeeeeee thats my boy :3 #SODMG
haha wow so not me but i guess lol
@brain-wreck97 I am helping kitty out :3
i like everyone elses
Mikey, you got one for brain? :o
LOL bired is the word xD
Hello again!
can i have another one that one dont fit me lol
Yesssss, Mikey u totally hit me on the nose, i luv luv lvu keri and that song Good job, u have a gift(bowing down);)
haha mikey he sum special thats right
^_^ yes I am good at music for people :3
@Kitt020912 ha ha ha he stole your job thing ha ha ha
why dont you try coming up with a song for me then? ........
No I am just helping kitty out :)
Only I call him Mikey ._. Yes I know, he does my job better. :3
@Micheal_Angel yes u r, u don't realize how accurate that wasO_O, sorry @Kitt020912 i just got excited!!!!
I am a physic so I know dis stuff :3
mike see if you find one for me ?
i mean like find a song for me too!! please!!!!
Okie wait
Mikey, you can cover my shift xD
But afterall this is kitty thread so she should be able to help also :)
well ur coverin her shift today lol
Give me a type of music you guys like and I will find the song :3
i like rap, hip hop, spanish, and chicano rap haha or love song i love them lol
anything just it has to be music and not rap
okie gotcha
@LadyKatsaTheGraceling i choose this one for you
Ha I haven't even finished it and I already love it!!!
me? *sad face*
@joannaxox3 here :)
hows it goin
Great hbu?
i only got half way thru and i already wana cry
I know joanna its very meaningful for you
yes but like i said i cant make it.. ive tried
Micheal that so good for joanna i love it good job
Never say you cannot make it because there is always a way to make it :)
well i think i just like the song and dont really do rap
:P What music you like @brain-wreck97
really im already suffering and it hasnt been a day yet..i cant do it mike i was wrong i need some
Joanna no you dont it's your mind wanting some control your mind and you can control it
Ha everything encept rap and go-go, it doesn't appeal to me I like everything else tho, wbu
Lol me too I like everything except blues and gospel
@Michael_Angel what is on your head in your profile pic?
i cant....i feel weak and helpless i need it
what u dont like the blues, y;)
@LadyKatsaTheGraceling Lol its a hoodie but I will change it
Lol because the blues don't appeal to me :P @brain-wreck97
i thought maybe it was your hair! thank goodness it isnt
@joannaxox3 joanna i think it is time to tell your parent
about what?
no im not saying anything to them...they will kill me
what would they kill you for?
@joannaxox3 I am your friend and I think you need to for real
i cant im scared.
what is going on here?
@LadyKatsaTheGraceling its nothing just a small problem
@joannaxox3 Well joanna you need to do something
I can probably help though! Please tell me
im leave..thats wat ima do. if i leave i dont have to tell them and i dont have to drink any.
What are you talking about please just tell me what happened
@joannaxox3 No that isnt gonna solve nothing just pm me
@Michael_Angel just like rap doesnt appeal to me, but ona serious i think you and joanna should take this off of here seeing as though that is personal u dont want everybody in your business
I know I am just trying to help her is all
yeah its very admirable, but u gonna have people in yalls stuff and your going to get annoyed:) coming from experience.
i like apples LOL :D
i like applebees jk
I got so many songs for you Marie.
i bet u u do :D!
Its hard to choose just one.
LOL kitty :3
yah i get tht aot
Got any for me Marie? c;
I bet she does :3
taylor swift i knew u were truble
I want to know if she does, and what they are.
Simple Plan - No Love and another one I say cause it will make her mad xD
i wont*
Is that the only one Marie?
Well i'm sure you could think of more(:
not at the moment kidda lost in my head. just thinkin bout things and trying fix alot of trying my best with the help of a friend. i realy am.i know wat i did and i WILL fix it. but 4 now im down and dont want it to move away so fast not that he would care but it doesent huert to try . but im huert and there is nothin i or anyone can do about.:'( i wish u the best.~marie leticia torres~
Umm, Marie? Who are you talking about?

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