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Who thinks music is awesome?

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@Michael_Angel What do you think?
You changed your profile pic
I do I listen to music rom the time I wake up to the time I goto sleep :) ans yes i did

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Other answers:

I have this mood ring that i wear and it got stuck on my finger and can't get it off. It is driving me crazy!
So how is it going for you??
;p; why is it stuck to your finger? and It's going good just got up a few minutes ago feel good :)
I finally got it of luckily.
Ok good lol
When I was little I got one of those rubbery pencil things stuck to my finger
o.o I never got anything stuck on my finger before lol and son't plan on to either
Yeah I would not suggest it. One time when I was cutting up a strawberry when I was making breakfast I cut my thumb
o.o I cut myself by accident but of course I don't feel it cause I am so used to pain it isn't funny lol
then one time i fell out of a tree got scrapes all up my arms and legs and my parents didn't even notice. lol
When I cut myself the one time I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't bleeding badly.
I am pretty used to pain because back when I used to go to school there was this girl who used to bring behind the baseball fields and punch me a few times.
o.o oh so a bully i take it?
So now when my little sister hits me in the face with one of her dolls i say ow just so she will stop even though I dont feel a thing
Lol that actually works on some people though like if you fall down crying they will stop but that doesn't work on alot of people
luckily my sister falls for it most of the time
I fell out of a different tree than the first one i told you about a couple of years ago and got to really big cuts across my hand
so i kinda have a small history of falling out of trees
Then why do you go up in trees?
Cause I dont mind falling out. Plus I get a good view of my house
Oh well I never climbed up a tree before so I don't know how it is
i do
I think it is kinda fun to fall out
it is not like it hurts or anything
It would be worse to fall from my houses attic window
Depends on high it is
3 stories high which is like 35-40 ft off the ground because my dad likes high ceilings cause he's 6'4"
Oh wow that is very high o.o
I am like 5'8"
my mom is 5'8" also
A better question is, who doesn't?
Hello? anyone?
we is in chat!
They might have gone offline.
Yeah I know I'm. just bored
You should probably close this "question". Its out of topic... and Moderators dislike that. (;
music is my life
music is my everything.

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