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The site is down due to a mistake of a fellow user . Hope it gets back to working condition with the code fix he has mentioned below

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@dumsearch hacked the entire site?!?!?! is that why it's messed up?
exactly @chamel0305 :(

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Other answers:

I repeat: this is not hacking. It is just slowing down the site by loading it with many scripts. I call it poor cracking.
Does this include the fact that everyone's name is in orange? Or is it just me?
whatever he done it on purpose ..and also hacked usernames
It is not just you, Terence.
He has done it two or three times now its not the first time, it is annoying, he hacked alot of our accounts turning people on other people and he seriously deserves a IP ban or watever it will take to get rid of him, he isn't cool anymore it is straight up annyoing.
This is just immaturity shown by a twelve year old, yet again. And it is temporary so you don't have to worry.
Hah, equality... LOL Just kidding. Still, if he could do that many times, OS has got to question its ability to ban people at all :D
I repeat: this is not hacking. It is just slowing down the site by loading it with many scripts. I call it poor cracking.
If it's not hacking, how did it all boil down to @dumsearch ?
anything against code of conduct deserves proper punishment . . Also I request admins to look into the matter of accounts hack that took place
Why are you using the word “hack” for everything?
I am sorry, I wasn't aware that this was going to bring down the whole site, I was just attempting to demonstrate a simple long username bug. There are many bugs, some of which bring down the whole OS, and why I'm not aware of: 1. Making usernames with the names of other users. By making a username with a invisible username, you can imitate other users. Demonstration of fix in PHP: 2. Making long usernames. You can make long usernames my changing the charlimit on the username box via the client side on the sign up page. To avoid this, you have to validate more user input on the server side. I am very sorry for any trouble I caused, and It was not my intention to bring down the whole OS.
It's fine.
OH well... Maths goes on... anyone got a nice group theory question? :) is your place
Why are you using the word “hack” for everything?
My main account is @dumbsearch2 BTW. It's currently under-going suspension.
And making a new account to bypass said suspension is grounds for being banned, as per the Code of Conduct ;) LOL, I wouldn't have admitted anything like that were it me :D
Doesn't matter now.
Not to me anyways, in the large spectrum of things.
IP bans don't matter because of proxies.
IP bans don't matter because of proxies.
Besides, IP bans effect the whole network, so should not be instituted in the common-place.
dumbsearch told himself that he hacked the site @ParthKohli ..
This is not called hacking. Period.
can you fix it dumsearchh?
No, I do not have access to their server.
but I feel a bit less annoyed as he is feeling sorry for what he has done .
If dumbsearch told you he saw a unicorn, will you accept that with full faith?
im not mad now like i was
@dumsearch thanks for citing the methods to fix the problem .
@ParthKohli if you have anything against me use pm ..not in my post thanks
i understood the pm is down
Really? I was able to send a PM earlier... methinks...
I provide the fixes in my earlier answer... wondering why the admins aren't at work on it right now. They're actually quite, quite easy to implement.. Wish even I could do it... I even coded it for them, now they have to cut-paste!
He just listed the reasons that may have caused this. There were no citations
PMing currently works for me... but it's glitchy, I have to, for example, refresh the page, and the time-stamps sometimes appear off.
@ParthKohli He probably mean't the code.
And explanations.
Huh? I thought we were to post our responses to this thread.
Are others receiving a form submission confirmation box too?
why were you banned dumsearch?
it works for us too but refreshing the page is annoying.
What triggered it?
Made an effort to change the question according to situation
Thank you, @AravindG.
But the fixes are fixes to the *cause*...
you should get a year suspension.
dont say that american boy
how long will it take to get the website fixxed?
ok friends lets all just go back to work .... Hope the site gets back to original condition soon .. lets just stop going against someone for a mistake the person is sorry for and wait ...
have a great day/night !
Does this mean we all have to steer clear of the site until it's fixed?
not necessary the chats working i suppose
and there is no harm spending a few minutes enjoying the beauty of nature outside :D
This actually funy in a way :P
ahh..., I think it's my connection error so that all users SmartScore colour is the same... :P
no its happening to me as well.
me too.
i cant see when i have messages either unless i go to my profile
Using OS stresses it further... Let's stop chatting, and posting for a little while, or try to minimize it. The whole reason OS went down was due to stressing the system. We're just making it worse. I'm sorry for what I did, but if we get offline, and come back in one hour, it will be gone, I'm pretty sure, if we just wait, and try to minimize the traffic/usage for a little while... Please- this is worsening the state of OS and it will be hard for it to recover in the rate that we're going.
^^ friends try to come back after an hour ..w e dont want to worsen state of OS do we ? BYE !
@AravindG, no one gave this idea a try, so you can go online... it's unless, your the only one that is actually offline not stressing the system... lets let the interns do the work. :)
Shadow, we guys saw the user log in to the accounts through brute force or the AJAX requests (that is what I heard at least). So can you create something like a captcha?
Let me answer these questions. 1. No, the site is not down because of hacking. No hacking was resorted. Nothing malicious happened. 2. Getting offline will not help anything. The servers aren't overloaded because of us. If it's really bad, the webmaster will reset the servers. Leaving them on to load the information and sort it is time wasting. Webmasters understand that it's an easy flick of a switch. 3. There are two forms of account hacking that have become popular. Brute force and dictionary attacks. These are illegal. All though it won't resort to legal punishment because the moderators can handle it themselves. I suggest using passwords with words, random letters, numbers, and symbols to throw off any attacks. 4. An overload of scripts doesn't look like the issue. What's happened is similar to a PCP Denial of Service attack. The server appears to be laggy because someone is purposefully attacking it, however, the packets being sent are at a slow pace thus, slowing. 5. Mods will need to update their servers. These sort of things are a battle of capacity and bandwidth. Either get more servers; quantity, or get better security; quality. a
To be clear, this was not a DoS attack of any sort either. None of the servers were overtaxed, and only one component of the system was failing (the one responsible for handling user-specific messages). It's still unclear which part of that component was in trouble, and a server upgrade is unlikely to be a good fix for the issue we saw. It's also unlikely, though not certain, to be unrelated to either long usernames or usernames with strange unicode characters in them.
I can promise you that it's not related to names or certain characters. All though it may have not been a DDOS, and I doubt it was, it did resemble the consequence of a site getting DDOS'ed. I also concluded that it may be the servers themselves, however, they've been working fine lately. I wonder why it's acting up.
(I'm dumbsearch) I thought that I was responsible for it... Weird that whenever I try to brute-force these things on OS, it gets down... is that too much of a coincidence?
The more inexperienced you are the more you want to show off. Quiet with all this babble. It's nonsense.
I brute-forced via client-side by stressing it. Kinda like cracking... I did not do it with invisible character's, thats ridiculous. I never said I did.
What did you do on the client, if you don't mind sharing?

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