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my girlfriend is being harassed by her ex which is hacking all her accounts and stopping us from talking. How do we stop him?

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Wait actually u should inform the mods about this, But and make sure an Admin knows to, Inform Preetha she is the CEO of this site and she is the one that should be able to take care of this problem, bc we have been having alot in the last few days, If u don't mind me asking what is the guys username?
Ok thanks how would we do this? I only know his Facebook name Mc Hassan
wat u mean?

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Other answers:

How would I as you said make sure an admin knows
message em
its on here right?
you mean the hacker? I only know of him from facebook. He sent me a friend request as a taunt
if its on fb we cant do anything
idk wat to do den
i thought it was on here
Dmezz, tag a mod omg. @Preetha This is serious.
oh Yeah I understand. thanks for your time though. I will try and find another way.
I was gona sniffs sorry
Even if it is on fb, he can still get help.
I'm sorry @shadowfiend but this is serious.
thank you. It means a lot.
Its not a problem, that is what we r here for Bro.
Well I appreciate it. This whole hacker deal has gotten me so mad and I have no idea how to do anything about it!
Ya ik wat u mean, someone hacked this site the other day and my gf was trying to talk to but i wasn't answering she was getting seriously ticked to, so ik wat its like
Yeah. today is her Birthday and we can't video chat because he is locking her out of all her emails, skype, and what not.
Oh, 1 sec
Look at ur pms
Well I'm not sure. I don't know what my pms is. sorry I'm not that computer savvy
As mentioned above, if it's on facebook there's nothing we can do. You'll have to get in touch with facebook.
are you serious?
Im dead serious
Wow that would be great! Yeah don't worry she wouldn't do anything after we were done. Let me see if she is free to do it.
ok, just let me make sure we can do it. I don't want you giving out info umless I am certain we can now.
ya tru thanks
I'm shocked to find that there are still people out there that trust people on the internet wow!
The only reason y i am doing this is bc its her b day and i want it to be amazing
Well thank you! Don't worry if we can skype then she will have an amazing b day. I just gotta see if she is free. and don't worry your trust is well placed.
Ok, and ok.
Hey thank you so much for the offer but she doesn't have time now. again thanks for the offer. It mean't a lot!
Ok, its not a problem at all
well if i was you i would delet all the acounts and make new ones.
The first step that your so-called girlfriend can do is to change her passwords on all your digital accounts. The next step that your so-called girlfriend should do is to announce and provide notice that she is your official girlfriend. The last step that your girlfriend should do, after she has made it official that she is your girlfriend, is to provide a firm request to her previous boyfriend to cease and desist the particular behavior that is bothering her. Everything beyond that, in regards to court orders and litigation would involve legal counsel and related.

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