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History is subjective based on one's point of view and biases. Explain this and provide an example from history or your own personal experience. Respond to at least one other's student post in one

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Hi, do you know what your question is asking you to do?
Basically it's asking you to explain the first sentance. I would do this by writing the following as a response to the question. History is often written by the victor. This is shown by the incredible biases we have today. Take one of the most polemical figures in history ... Adolf Hitler. If the nation of Germany had won World War II, chances are we would see hitler in a very different light than we do now. Personally I can prove this by some of the experiences I have had in family history. On my dad's side of the family they look at the civil war as an act of rebellion by the south due to their living in New York. However on my mothers side we view the civil war as a proud showing of our spirit due to her living in South Carolina. Currently we tend to look at it from my fathers families side of things, but if the south had won the war we may very well look at it from my mothers side of things. Basically all it is asking you to do is show that history is biased and based on what the winning side thinks, it is then asking you to provide a public and personal example. I hoep this helps and good luck with your studies.
Thanks dude makes a lot of sense :)

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Other answers:

Looking at your question again, it looks like you added more to it. Basically your supposed to relate what you said to something your classmate has said as well. I can't provide an example for you since I don't know what your classmates have said. Sorry about that. Also no problem... I'm here to help :)
one class mate said " History is subjective based on one’s viewpoint and biases. History to another is just like a flash back. Most likely someone will eventually recall something that happened in their life it can be good, bad or a personal experience. A good example is when the history of slavery was happening and when it was considered “good” by the majority of the people, and so it seemed to the people alive at the time that slavery was right. And many of us now day think it’s a very unfair, and a wrong act. Many viewpoints of others think it’s an evil act, and at the time it was happening no one could see it was a bad act because they were maybe manipulated by the leaders of slavery and were maybe told that the slaves were “bad”. Like the northern had their eyes opened and did not like or have slaves and believed that the south should free slaves, meanwhile in the south they kept slaves and loved having them."
I see what your class mate was saying and would again relate it to the saying "history is written by the victor." Had the people in favor of slavery won out over the people against it, we might have slaves still today picking coton in Georgia and areas all over the south. I would then proceed to work this into my reply and end with a good strong thought.
Hey, this is open again?

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