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1995, the United States introduced the varicella, or chicken pox, vaccine to the general public. This immunization gives you a small dose of the chicken pox. isnt it supposed to shorten your chances of getting it ??

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Yes, how a vaccine works is that it inserts a small amount of the (usually dead) virus inside you, so that when the full blown attack of whatever virus it is, your body already knows how to fight it. While this does not work 100% of the time, it does greatly reduce the risk of catching the disease.
but u can only get chicken pox once. so what would the point of that be ?
What is the point of getting the vaccine? The point of the vaccine is to avoid getting it in the first place. Chicken pox is incredibly contagious, and as time goes on and more people get the vaccine, the disease will become something of the past, like polio, and it will be incredibly rare to get it.

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Other answers:

They are trying to eradicate chicken pox because they have found that children who have been exposed to a live chicken pox virus are likely to develop shingles later in life. When infected the varicella virus embeds itself in nerve cells and is kept dormant. As you age your ability to suppress the virus decreases which can result in painful shingles outbreaks. After being infected by a virus your body may take more than 7 days to identify and produce antibodies for the invading virus giving it plenty of time to embed itself in nerve cells. Vaccinations give your body a non threatening practice run. Once the body identifies a virus it saves that information and subsequent infections are recognized and attacked much faster.

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