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i am sorry it froze :( so shall we begin?
questions please :)
5(x + 3) =4(x - 4)

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Other answers:

i have to use distributive property here right?
well use law of distribution just expand it 5 will be multiplied to each element inside bracket , exactly you are right
5*x+5*3=4*x-4*4 then proceed
like that?
no no
5*x + 5*3 = 4*x -4*4 its like the thing that is out of the bracket will be multiplied with every term inside the bracket |dw:1362527484928:dw| clear?
so it will be 5x + 15 = 4x-16 clear? its multiplication
okay then.. 16/4x will be 4?
no , now bring like terms together \[5x-4x=-16-15\] then \[x= - 31\] clear?
this is too hard, im done with this :(
4x was on the right side of equal sign when you bring it on left it will become negative similarly on the left it was +15 but when you will take it to the right it will be -15
no its easy okay hold on let me take it step by step okay?
no its okay im done for tonight :( im turning it in half done i dont care :(
and thank you by the way :(
just a sec
your question was \[5(x+3)=4(x-4)\] then multiply 5 with x and 3 use distributive law and similarly with 4\[5*x+5*3=4*x-4*4\] now \[5x+15=4x-16\] clear? up to now ?
then bring 4x in the left which means bringing like terms together and take 15 to the right |dw:1362527963018:dw|
little bit but im not quiet sure yet
well you just need to expand and then you need to bring like terms together thats it :D just one thing should b kept in mind that when you are taking anything from left to right then its sign will be changed , if its + it will be - if its - it will be + , just sign gets interchanged
like if its 2x+ 2 =0 then if i take 2 on the right side it will be 2x= -2
why do the signs change?
BP this is what i was wondering right now , WoW i cant believe this lol , this is really a good question, why do sign changes i think because when you put it back at its place like if moved from right to left and back to right again then it gets it real sign and value remains the same
oh really? hehe sorry i didn't know that :)
well this is the answer :D
next question please :D
ghazi im sorry but that is wrong :(
are you kidding me ?
if your question is 5 (x+3) = 4(x-4) ?? then i am 110% sure x=-31
1 Attachment
thats the question
i think thats right :/
so x= -31 is absolutely right
oh sorry i didnt see that there :D
my bad
yea yea i know
well thank you :)
well next question :)
:D nope
come on :(
hahaa :D
stop laughing at me i know you are laughing out loud there :(
hahaha no im not but your making me laugh now hehe :) sorry its just funny :)
okay no more questions please :D
dont you know i am curious :(
byee ;)
nooooooooo questions please :( ?
theres another distributive question let me do it myself and see if im wrong :P please, just one?
alright do it and let me know if you have done it right ? waiting ;)
i will :)
oh thank you :)
|dw:1362528884598:dw| this is all i know..
brilliant :D wow , you did it
i dont know where to go from there
is it done?
now bring like terms together bring terms of x on one side and numbers on another side of equality sign
how do i do that?
|dw:1362529289539:dw| like this??
so it will be either 2x -5x = 10-14 -3x=-4 divide both sides by 3 -x=-4/3 x=4/3 , negative sign on both sides cancel out
|dw:1362529400755:dw| is this the next step?
i think its wrong :(
never mind :(
yes it is because on the right side when you subtracted 5x from 5x it would be zero just 10 will be there
i dont get it :(
and when you are subtracting bigger number from smaller then sign would be - in front of the result , like if i say 3-5 it will be equal to -2
this lady can help :D
okay |dw:1362529506286:dw|
wait this isnt distributive, sorry :/
that cant be the right answer though
yes this isnt , distributive is done way before , when you expanded your brackets by the way lady is nice ;)
oh goshh im so stupid :( and yes she is nice and much smarter than me :(
nah i wasnt talking about smartness sorry ;) and you are not stupid
yess i am :(
aww no you are not
well if i was smart enough i wouldnt be asking for help on these simple questions :(
and ghazi im sorry but that is not the right answer :P
look no one is genius , problems that i cant do , my professors can , so that doesnt mean he is smart
viki right answer is \[x=\frac{ 4 }{ 3 }\]
i know but there are kids younger than my age doing harder math problems than these and i cant even do this :( thats what i call stupid :(
no it cant be, thats not one of the answers
no its not like that dont call yourself stupid you are not, my elders cant do easy math but they are very good over history so that doesnt mean they are stupid lol and yes thats the answer
let me show you
oh god wait you posted wrong question
1 Attachment
yeahh your right :(
i am very sorry i took it +7 it was -7 2(x-7)= 5(x+2) 2x-14=5x+10 3x=-24 x=-8
aha :D okay thanks :D
yes :)
cool, next ;)
no more please :(
one more pleaseeeeeee :(
theres like 15 more, theres no use of just one
i will do it tomorrow
really ?? :( no more?
i'v been working on this submission for a week and also last week and im not even half way done :(
yes :( i know i will never understand maths so its okay :(
that is why i am asking you to get it done pleaseeee and you can do it silly
its way too much, im on question 10 and there are 33 questions in all :(
lets do it ;;)
no :(
alright BP your wish my agreement :D its okay :D
okay :)
byee :)
no i wont
come on please
i wont show you mines so i cant listen to yours either
no i am not asking to see anything just listen to mines it is very important
im going to bed now. Bye
i know you just heard that
i swear
no need to swear because you are smiling
im not im being serious, i told you i wont lsiten to it
damn :/
hahahaaha you are so cute :D
ughhh goodnight!!
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iokay let me make a request i mean a formal request in a new way ;)
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ready :D ?
Bring it on
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what :(
i know its bad :(
im sorry maybe this isnt a good time for this :(
not really it just looks like scribbles :/
baby its amazing its awesome :D :D i just cant say anything it kept my mouth open , wow you are incredible ♥
hmmm i dont know if thats true but okay.. thanks :/ i was just missing you so i decided to do this :(
awww :D
baby thanks a lot for this it means so much to me , yes i need this girl and i am crazy for her ♥
well thank you ;)
you are welcome :D :D more than welcome :D
baby i want to hug you :(
:( me too :(
|dw:1362795409917:dw| hahahahha
ahahaha :D wow
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awwww thats soo cute
stop laughing lol
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the way you draw is really funny it makes me laugh :D
aww i know thats what makes it look funny lol
hahaha awww kitty okay i will draw something more funnier next time on paint and i will attach it here for you lol then ia m sure you will go mad of laughing hahaha
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|dw:1362796004563:dw| dont laugh , lady has horse shoe hand and boy has giant hand :D :D :D