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Totally sad that this whole section is almost entirely neglected -.- What should we do about it?? I feel sad watching poor people yelping for their answers!!!

MIT 9.00SC Introduction to Psychology
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Most don't even get their answers!!!
And the sad thing is that they're so many rooms/topics like this!!! And they're so many people on other rooms, especially math! Any way you could attract attention to inactive rooms ??
Sean -.- Stop

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Other answers:

How did you mention me without mentioning me?
I honestly don't care.. sorry
Bro... Not everyone takes Psychology. I'm sure that they would help if they could. Chill.
He hynotised all of us and made us visit this post.
How did he mentioned us with out using the "@" symbol?
magic... :)
He used a code or something to tag EVERYONE -.-
the thing that there is really a small # of people who takes psychology
Yeah it's kind of a pain. To call for help then be ignored. But if they don't know then it's cool. ;)
what kind of CODE lol?
I have no idea :P
@Luis_Rivera I agree... IDK, but I see so many rooms which are ignored!! I know that a lot of people from the math chat could help!!
Fan me, I Fan back ! :)
Fan me, I Fan back ! :)
you could tag the people in the math with a 90-100 smart score to come to the psychology section... that's the only solution i see :(
well i think he did something kind these people need answers too but I'll probably get hate for saying that
Fanned too LoveYou*69 !
ok im normally try to stay as respectful as i can, but this is complete and utter winey BS on you part
Fan me guys! <3 :)
@Sean_Le_Van can you help me? My doggies on my blanket:(
never seen so many users on a post!
Fan me guys! <3 :)
wat ? @LoveYou*69
I dont know.. I'm over tired... @Sean_Le_Van
what are you writing christos
we are all waiting to see what you gonna write!!
lol oh gosh
that took 8 minutes
Christos are you serious!! lol
I'm not gonna sleep today tell I see what u gonna write! -.-
sometimes OS shows that some1's typing a reply even if he/she actually isn't typing it.
I guess....
ahhh haha i never knew that
@waterineyes would know this for sure :P
I guess christos does too
Sex, we have been led to believe, is as natural as breathing. But in fact, contends British philosopher Alain de Botton, it is "close to rocket science in complexity." It's not only a powerful force, it's often contrary to many other things we care about. Sex inherently sets up conflicts within us. We crave sex with people we don't know or love. It makes us want to do things that seem immoral or degrading, like slapping someone or being tied up. We feel awkward asking the people we love for the sex acts we really want. There's no denying that sex has its sweaty charms, and in its most exquisite moments dissolves the isolation that embodied life imposes on us. But those moments are rare, the exception rather than the rule, says de Botton, founder of London's School of Life. "Sex is always going to cause us headaches; it's not something we can miraculously grow relaxed about." We suffer privately, feeling "painfully strange about the sex we are either longing to have or struggling to avoid." Find a Therapist Search for a mental health professional near you. Find Local: Acupuncturists Chiropractors Massage Therapists Dentists and more! If we turn to sex books to help us work out this central experience of our lives, we are typically assured that most problems are mechanical, a matter of method. In his own new book, How to Think More About Sex, de Botton makes the case that our difficulties stem more from the multiplicity of things we want out of life, or the accrual of everyday resentments, or the weirdness of the sex drive itself. Here are some of the most basic questions it answers. —The Editors Why do most people lie about their true desires? It is rare to go through life without feeling that we are somehow a bit odd about sex. It is an area in which most of us have a painful impression, in our heart of hearts, that we are quite unusual. Despite being one of the most private activities, sex is nevertheless surrounded by a range of powerfully socially sanctioned ideas that codify how normal people are meant to feel about and deal with the matter. In truth, however, few of us are remotely normal sexually. We are almost all haunted by guilt and neuroses, by phobias and disruptive desires, by indifference and disgust. We are universally deviant—but only in relation to some highly distorted ideals of normality. Most of what we are sexually remains impossible to communicate with anyone whom we would want to think well of us. Men and women in love instinctively hold back from sharing more than a fraction of their desires out of a fear, usually accurate, of generating intolerable disgust in their partners. Nothing is erotic that isn't also, with the wrong person, revolting, which is precisely what makes erotic moments so intense: At the precise juncture where disgust could be at its height, we find only welcome and permission. Think of two tongues exploring the deeply private realm of the mouth—that dark, moist cavity that no one but our dentist usually enters. The privileged nature of the union between two people is sealed by an act that, with someone else, would horrify them both. What unfolds between a couple in the bedroom is an act of mutual reconciliation between two secret sexual selves emerging at last from sinful solitude. Their behavior is starkly at odds with the behavior expected of them by the civilized world. At last, in the semi-darkness a couple can confess to the many wondrous and demented things that having a body drives them to want. Why is sex more difficult to talk about in this era, not less? Whatever discomfort we feel around sex is commonly aggravated by the idea that we belong to a liberated age—and ought by now to be finding sex a straightforward and untroubling matter, a little like tennis, something that everyone should have as often as possible to relieve the stresses of modern life. The narrative of enlightenment and progress skirts an unbudging fact: Sex is not something we can ever expect to feel easily liberated from. It is a fundamentally disruptive and overwhelming force, at odds with the majority of our ambitions and all but incapable of being discreetly integrated within civilized society. Sex is not fundamentally democratic or kind. It refuses to sit neatly on top of love. Tame it though we might try, it tends to wreak havoc across our lives; it leads us to destroy our relationships, threatens our productivity, and compels us to stay up too late in nightclubs talking to people whom we don't like but whose exposed midriffs we wish to touch. Our best hope should be for a respectful accommodation with an anarchic and reckless power. How is sex a great lie detector? Involuntary physiological reactions such as the wetness of a vagina and the stiffness of a penis are emotionally so satisfying (which means, simultaneously, so erotic) because they signal a kind of approval that lies utterly beyond rational manipulation. Erections and lubrication simply cannot be effected by willpower and are therefore particularly true and honest indices of interest. In a world in which fake enthusiasms are rife, in which it is often hard to tell whether people really like us or whether they are being kind to us merely out of a sense of duty, the wet vagina and the stiff penis function as unambiguous agents of sincerity. A kiss is pleasurable because of the sensory receptivity of our lips, but a good deal of our excitement has nothing to do with the physical dimension of the act: It stems from the simple realization that someone else likes us quite a lot.
Math people like me are very logical. Psychology is about illogical people and history and terminology, stuff that I know little of.
I think it would help if more of the courses could be linked together. Maybe all of the psychology and sociology courses could have one feed, but then also have subgroups for the actual courses.
guys he did use the @ sign but he deleted your names afterward duh lol. and ya we should use all of the rooms but not everyone takes this subject so not many people know about it.
@niall1Dawesome Ya, but doh, to get all the usernames in the first place, I coded this thing: javascript:var all=document.getElementsByTagName("a"); for (var i=0, max=all.length; i < max; i++) { document.getElementById("online-users").innerHTML+=" @"+all[i].innerHTML+"";}
but there is no need to spam us its annoying, pointless, and childish.
I agree
The user allocation is distributed unevenly, as you can tell by the user count for each subject section. The only way for a section with low users to increase in its user count is to advertise, promote, share, and create courses for this subject area. Otherwise, people will be posting questions without receiving a response, compared to other subject sections that have a high rate of user traffic.

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