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Fellow ambassadors I notice that a few among us are yet to participate in the new user welcoming and helping process. Is your excitement lost when you have got the post ? Please try to do your duty to the best ! Cheers!

OpenStudy Ambassadors
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I have noticed this also! I have gone up 200 Questions answered since being an amby.
Well yeah, you may be right. However, I don't really pay attention to other ambie's doings :P
we are a team ! look after each other :)

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Other answers:

by the way ,want some watermelon ?
provide ur views : @mathslover , @EvonHowell :)
Yes, you are right @AravindG some of the ambassadors are yet to participate in welcoming the new users. Though this month is the March and most of the student's exams are near or are on... So I hope at least in April , all the ambies will be active.
I am not speaking of this month alone ..I have been noting this from the time the two new batches were announced
I thought of this month ... Sorry but I think we need to work on this and guide the new ambies.
I just can not find the solution of this problem , well there is only one soln that the new ambies understand their duites and respect the post.
I've welcomed quite a few people to the site I haven't been on alot lately dad's been home and my mom has been sick so just trying to take care of her, but when it comes to welcoming new people to the site I think there are alot of "First Question" that we sometimes miss but we can't say Welcome to everyone because If were dealing with a Situation in the chat Pods or have Found someone post a Test/Exam Question We have to take care of that So if were doing that we arnt paying attention to the "First Question" but I think we could do a better Job in welcoming people if there is an Amby that is just not Welcoming Users to the site maybe the Purple "A" should be taken away just my opinion if that made any sense.
I understand that point..the thing is we have a large increase in the number of amby's lately ..i expected a proprtional increase in welcoming and helping new users
well, Like I said if "Amby's" are not welcoming users to the site The Purple "A" NEEDS to be taken from their account.

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