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Take away music chat and make a sports chat.

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Not take away... just need better moderation there!

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Other answers:

But yeah, sports chat sounds like a good idea... Especially since sports in America seems like the #1 religion! :P *sarcasm* No, but seriously... Sports would be a great idea.
Lol what's the point in taking it away? I'm pretty sure a sports group would just turn into another music group.
No. agent. when it comes to sports boys are serious.
agreed umar
I think if you guys weren't so stupid in music, this would be a good idea.
Im on @Agent_Sniffles side, there is no need to take away the music chat, Just make a new chat. Whats the point of taking it away?
Lets just get a new chat for sports
just add it to the webpage
And I thought this was an education site -.-
What kind of questions would you ask in a sports group?
Yeah @Agent_Sniffles Sport chat... Another way to escape moderation... :P For the first time, Preetha came to Music chat... hardly any mods comes there... but anyways it was a mess and she cleared it up THERE SHOULD BE BETTER MODERATION omg HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THAT ?? :P And no, don't remove Music chat... I think the philosophy is a little wrong... Don't get me wrong, I love what Preetha and everyone did with this site, but she tells me that off-topic is acceptable, as long as it isn't inappropriate.... I vote for a General room, for all the off-topic nonsense you want ;P
sports is education
Educational questions, I mean.
Yes, after all, this whole site is "SUPPOSED" to be about education *cough cough* Nah, but seriously... I understand your point... It would be like the NEW OFF-TOPIC ROOM BOYAH :P @Agent_Sniffles
Agent, yesterday a girl posted a sports question about soccer in this page. im like why would you post a soccer question here and she said there was no sports page.
The Ravens
@opcode LOL I don't even know!
I saw that Umar, but that was one question.
Wait- is music about educational questions ?
No she posted way more, i answered like 10 soccer questions last night.
If you go to music, there are never any 'educational' questions in there. Just 'raps' and poems and whatever.
Sports chat could be very educational, Say if i wanted to try out basketball but i had no idea how to play. Someone on heere could teach me the correct ways to play. All of the postition and everything like that. It still can be educational no need to be close minded
@Agent_Sniffles EXACTLY So whats your point ?
Sports chat would RULE LOL :D
This would be a great idea to be honest. especially when you guys want the music chat taken away.
It would turn out to be another of those off-topic nonsense rooms. Objectively.
I just put a reason up there to make a music chat and everyone ignored me lola nd dumbsearch your making assumption you dont KNOW whats going to happen
You can predict. @Darrius
Sports is a BIG topic
Can someone tag some mods. they need to see this.
We need them to see this.
Yes. I would love their thoughts.
You guys aren't sposed to tag mods =_=
O.o? But why?
OOOOH agent sniffles everyone can tag them as u can see
@swag did, and hes a amby
Ambys are different. :P They have 'special privileges'
No they dont
Whatever. I was told you're not supposed to tag them. :P That's all.
guys just stop. we want them to see this.
I've taged them before, @Agent_Sniffles
OMG Causing conflict where there isn't any seriously
No. Just take away Music. Sports would not be any better. It's be worse.
you honestly dont know how much guys love sports.
That is irrelevent.
dang even girls
okay thats true oppy, leave the music chat for these pervs and sports chat for the people who love sports.
I believe we should have a Sports chat because alot of us are in sports and we have alot of questions. For example, Im an ELITE Dancer and I usually have questions about my body and what I should and shouldn't eat. The Sports section could also b like a health section. And yes I'm a female and I LOVE SPORTS, I've played sports my whole life, almost every sport there is! I would really enjoy a sports chat so I can Rep for my teams C: Woop Woop!
No, adding another extra-curricular activity that has, for the most part, an annoying fan base would be a terrible idea.
Some people love sports. Some people like to talk about their experience. some people wann learn how to play that specific sport and they can do all that if we made a sports page.
Did you notice that every room has a corresponding room? Removing this would hinder the consistency @Opcode
im with umar on dis;D
And some people want to discuss last night's game and how they hate the other team.
lolol yesh true beans:)
I can already see that becoming the main topic of all of the "questions" in a group about sports.
well depends what sport lol
poopsie sarcasm?
probably in basketball there was
I was making an example, Opcode.
@poopsiedoodle You dont know that for sure your just making assumpions
yeah so wouldnt that be great?
It would!
Darrius pls.
poops is right but still I think a sports chat would be a good idea
If this happens, and I'm right, I'm going to laugh so hard. :3
i mean like, who doesnt like talking about their favorite sport and talking about last nights game?
I dont know :D
probably nobody
You know, if I can post about archery, I'm all for it. :P
i do that with both football &&' baseball! (:
Well, I'm sure that talking about last night's game would cause some big disagreements. People get mad fast when it comes to sports.
agent archery is definetly a sport or a curriculum
and yeah thats treu, we all have disagreements. thats apart of our nature. but at the end of the day its all up to the os team.
And with disagreements in going on with that fanbase, things tend to get ugly.
I agree about the sports chat but don't take away the music one because i love music.. i need music in my life...
They are not going to even consider this do to the fact that it is not a core-subject. Music is barely staying up.
There used to be a sports chat. They deleted it along with all the other groups.
Aw to bad, i thougth the sports chat was a good idea
O: Why!!!!!!!!! >_<
>_< matches your face in that pic bamf
O: IT Does!!!!
i think we need more opinions on here>_<;
I Just Want A Sports Section >_<
yeah i hope so its a reaaly great idea:D
Maybe we should get rid of all that chats, because they are useless. Implement 1 chat, since users will chat in 6 chats at once. There is 0 chatting about actual studies.
@konradzuse I agree. People tend to chat in the Mathematics, Bio, or the poorly moderated Music chat, so maybe integrating them into one, General chatroom would help a bit.. They're all off-topic... Or, maybe you should add a General room to the mix...
That room would be soo overcrowded!
no it wouldn't, it would be the same 20 people that post in every chat... It just looks like a lot, because only 3 chats fit in a chat window at a timew....
So here's my take on this.. I am a GIRL, yeah, its not only the boys who are serious on sports, might want to rethink that one... BUT, I can see that some people might pick a fight about teams and such..know what I mean..?
Even if there's a sports chat, it still would involve some ruthless chatters.
lol true but they would have to get follow the Coc or they would get suspended
They don't even follow it in music chat. And when they get sus'd, they just make new accounts.
You would have to create some type of course related to SPORTS to create a SPORTS chat.
Music group = Group filled with unethical crap. A sports group would be the same thing.
THANK you.
What? If people would have gotten suspended for going against the CoC, this site would have been full of geniuses far back.
yes put sports chat in way better i agree
lol Sprots chat would be so totally awesome lol
Sports chat would be worthless. Sports have always been worthless. The fact that people get paid to play a game for a living is ridiculous. Music however contributes something useful and educational to society. The music section has the potential to be very beneficial to those studying music. Unfortunately, like mentioned above, it's not moderated closely at all and we end up with poems and raps and youtube videos and nonsense.
Well,thats ofcourse your own opinion on sports. Alot of people all around the world plays sports and the idea of having a job that you love doing is an amazing thing. If youve been here long'd know that the music section is a worthless section. People talking about sex and starting fights in the music chat pod. Again, i think music chat should be deleted and a sports chat should be created but at the end of the day its up to @Preetha
I'm sure they do enjoy it. I would too. But the point still stands that they contribute nothing to society. I understand that the music section is not at all what it has the potential to be but it's not going to change unless we do something about it. A sports section would be much worse. If you think the fights are bad now, just wait 'til people start talking about sports.
to some extent i agree with you. they need more mods watching and monitoring the chat pods. i believe theres still change(:
I don't know how sports would be an academic section. I mean, I know the chats aren't academic, but wouldn't you have to have a section to go with it? Also, I agree with karatechopper; there would be a lot of arguing over which team is better and what sport is better and so on. If this is an academic help site, I think the people who want to talk about sports can do that elsewhere... or just in one of the other chats because non-academic conversation is held in them anyway. I don't see why another chat would need to made just about one subject when there are at least a dozen chats that are dead most of the time. People hardly stay in the same subject of conversation in any of the sites, so I wouldn't expect the sports chat to always be about sports.
I agree with @tanner23456
I would actually disagree with a sports chat... i am an AVID Georgia Bulldogs follower and love sports but when it comes to a group of different people talking about sports altogether heads will collide. It would only be a matter of time before arguments were going on in a sports chat. @jollysailorbold sports can technically be refered to at an academic stand point
no refers too...
Taking away music and making a sports
dayum why da hek did I say too. I mean geez. What grammer. Pshh..
What would be a good idea: Take away this extremely long and old thread and close it.
agreed. ^
Lol. just get off this thread. I aint clsoing it.
You cant "clso" anything.

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