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More driver's education questions, because I'm stupid ): Again, I apologize for posting this in the wrong subject, but there IS no subject for driver's ed. "As the use of cycles increases," A. collisions with other vehicles will decrease B. air pollution will decrease C. the number of collisions with vehicles might also increase D. insurance will go down I think it's C, but not sure.

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yeah, always pick the answer with the subjective word when it exists. In this case, might :)
The reason B is incorrect is because an increase of cycles does not mean a decrease in cars. Cars and cycles could increase, resulting in more pollution. The reason the other answers are incorrect are self-evident, I believe.
Thank you!

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Other answers:

I have a few more... would you mind if I asked them?
sure, just post em here, I'm not in it for the medals (anymore) lol
Thanks! lol "Most small cars have" A. more power than larger cars B. the ability to pass easily C. a higher center of gravity D. less power than larger cars "Drivers use ground viewing to" A. search the road for animals B. search beneath parked vehicles for signs of movement C. avoid large puddles D. avoid potholes
I think maybe the first one is B but I have no idea what kind of power different sized cars have... and for the second one, I feel like it should be all of them...
Well except for the large puddles
D for the first one, and I'm not sure abou tthe second question
Thanks lol, I think I'm gonna go with B for the second one.
okay - I'd say that the ability for a car to pass is independent of it's size, and more dependent of its maneuverability and acceleration
Google says that ground-viewing is watching the ground while driving. I'd say avoid potholes for that question, but to be honest I'm not completely sure
All of the answers you gave me were correct (: Thank you very much!
No problem - funny, I was checking yahoo and found this - kinda scary what the dude's answers were though...
then again I'm pretty sure he just guessed for everything. A lot of those answers are just horrible.

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