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Well something about Music group again ,it seems not only the chat but also many of the posts are not related to music at all. I can see people posting pics of them in some post they title "poem ", questions directed to someone where they start flirting or abusing.. Its getting worse :/

OpenStudy Feedback
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I honestly don't see any hope for the Music group. However, I wouldn't want the "questions" of Music group to be transferred over to other groups. Or the chat, for that matter. :/

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Other answers:

More than half of the active users in Music Group use it for dating and talking dirty :(
They should use FB or some other social media, but trying to reason with them is a lost battle. -.-
The time I was writing that ,The conversation taking place in Music chat : User1 : open study is the new days of our lives. user2: Y es it's the only place I can try to get a gf.
This group needs to be deleted
Unfortunately, I must agree with the sentiment here. :( What is really lame is that I myself use the music group as a way to get somewhat anonymous feedback for songs or poems I have written, as well as to view others work as a creative outlet. But... *sigh* I can't even enjoy it anymore, not truly. It's being abused. Though I appreciated the music chat for what it was... I would also be one of the first to have it removed if I had the power. Music chat is kind of putting a downer on OS. Do the people abusing it even realize this, I wonder? That music group is basically endangered because of them? Or do they just not care? :/
i have tried to keep the music group clean of stuff like that but its very difficult some users just dont cooperate with what we tell them to do. i can tell them to close it and they do but they open another one with different title. but i will keep helping to keep it clear of that stuff.
Seriously, there needs to be multiple moderators for the music group. Even then it might not get better, they're cancer. You cut the tumor out, but still risk the chance it comes back. The question is if you deleted the music group, where are those "people" gonna go?
^Exactly my point. I love how you put "people" in parenthesis. lol
another idea worth thinking of would be be adding special group mods to the MUSIC group nstead of bringing in a new moderator .As you can see group mods have less power when compared to real mods . I think that could help a bit in solving the issue .
I think that’s a good idea. Its been suggested before, but some users, are against it because of past experiences with group mods. Some of those users are mod's as well. Honestly, I don't see the problem with it, as long as the group mod is responsible.
Assume we took a group moderator who we can rely on . There is only a very few chance that he/she tries to go against his duties .Also isn't it worth risking(not a risk at all according to me ) group mod than letting dirty talk happen in this site ? I have been serving as the group mod of IIT STUDY GROUP for more than an year now, the chats clean the posts are nice ...Everyone just enjoys that group .So why not Give it a try in Music group ?
is a group mod just a mod for that group?
and a normal user everywhere else?
i see, how do you pick a "group mod"?
i volunteer :3 :)
Well this idea of group mods existed some years before , however many people started abusing their power .Which forced the admins to remove the group mods facility . As far as I know I am the only remaining group mod in Openstudy .
woah. define "abusing" if you can?
actions like kicking users, deleting chat ,deleting posts for no specific reason with power I would say .
i see what you mean.
well, i hope the issue gets resolved soon. best of luck. :)
So thats why I specified that if we happen to make someone a group mod we should ensure that the power goes to the right hand. Power in the hands of the wrong people can harm our community .
yeah, i understand that.
I completely agree with @AravindG. And of the little bits poetry that has been posted, I have seen a lot of plagiarism going on. :/ Is there another section that can be made for those who want to post poetry and other forms of art that are non-music related? Such as an Art section? I know there is an Art History section, and a Writing section. Is there a way to move them to the music section to those other sections?
Whenever i take pledge to stop spam in music chat and after 1 hour I hide it as it has just gone uncontrollable.
i agree there has to be mods in the music chat supervising because the admin. and others cant do anything we can tell them to close it sometimes they will talk back and try to argue with us but other times they will close it but open one just like it.
Um thats only the start BUT WHAT ARE OS WAITING FOR ? GET THE MODS! OMG!!!
I'd be a great group mod. *hint hint*
Your post is music related, but this is OPENSTUDY FEEDBACK. Your post also falls under complaints, but it is not a question, or a suggestive question about any feedback for MUSIC or OPENSTUDY.
It is a feedback. A suggestion. How else would you make this suggestion for better moderation on music chat ? @Dean.Shyy
Well Becca is suppose to be the mod in that chat .-.
Well Becca is suppose to be the mod in that chat .-.

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