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To Kill a Mocking Bird questions?? What is Bob Ewell's albi/statement? What is Mayella's statement? What physical evidence can prove that Tom Robinson committed the rape?
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1. Bob Ewell says that he was out in the woods and when he came to the house he heard Mayella screaming and saw Tom Robinson on top of her and then Tom ran. He said he ran and got Heck Tate (the sheriff). 2. Mayella says she was at home and saw Tom walking by. She offered him a nickel to bust up a chiffarobe for her. She went inside to get the nickel, and when she turns around she sees Tom standing over her. She says he then beat and raped her. Then her father showed up, Tom ran away, and her dad got Heck Tate. 3. There is no evidence to prove that Tom committed the crime, because the novel alludes to the fact that Tom is innocent. Mayella has serious bruises, mostly on her right eye. It is reasoned that someone left handed would have been more likely to punch her on her right eye. Bob Ewell is left handed but Tom Robinson's left hand is crippled, so it is more likely that Bob beat her up, not Tom.

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