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which of the following is made of cells? A. rock B. armadillo C. brick D. cloud

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i think its the rock

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Other answers:

cells are living, atoms and molecules are nonliving like in that rock^
no but the rock can be broken down in2 cells havent u seen a microscope
into molecules. there's a difference.
i dont think thats right
well if you categorize the answers anyways, it's 3 vs 1, the 3 being nonliving, and the 1 being living. seems like the 1 would be the right answer, regardless.
clouds are alive
no they're not. they're made of water molecules.
Dude. Go to the proper group. How many times do I have to tell you? You're like a disobedient puppy being potty trained.
oh youre right i think its the armadillo
they look like rocks sometimes so i get confused
sorry thought i was in the biology section, my bad..
^Armadillo is your answer anyways.
I agree that it's either a rock or an armadillo
Could it be both?
yep:) thanks its armadillo
thank uu!!
i was trying to say how its the rock
maybe the armadillo too
Are you guys joking?
guys guess what!!!!! I got ARMADILLO correct!
=_= Guys, shut up. Just cause it has been asked, doesn't mean you can have a debate. This isn't Parliament.
sience is a debate
Ok hear me out this is what I'm thinking. Maybe at first it seemed like an armadillo. But rocks are grey, the color most sensitive to light which is what photosynthesis needs
haha good one @dubinj
a neverending debate.
well you can debate in the proper subject.
You guys have seriously got to be joking.
@mattishot its okay their just haterz cause no one wanna answer their questions, your answer was right
Lol I'm not even asking questions. And if I was, they'd be in the proper group ;)
Good enough for me. Sucks to suck. Glad I could help :)
Depends on what you're sucking.
ok @Agent_Sniffles how about you go answer a biology question in the biology section and just watch it get answered in about 2-4 days
So what? It's in the right group. THen you wouldn't have people bugging you.
you can send links to your question in other chats if it's taking awhile. there's no need to post it in math.
It's true, chem and biology are dead zones.
why does it matter if I post a science question in math, you all act like its the end of the world, at least im getting an education beside making crimes out their, sorry for doing school work. Geez if it bothers you that much, ignore it, people over react because they want certain medals for what their saying
I think im gonna go to prizon for posting a different question in the wrong subject! OOHHHHH NOOOOO! help! haha haterz gona hate
Can you just like..stop posting now? Please? For the sake of everyone.
either way were all here to learn and help eachother, in "different" subjects, if people are willing to help let them..
prison* haters* gonna*
@AriPotta their no reason to get your opinion anymore, we all know what your going to say,
i don't have an opinion, i am a cyberman. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!
Ok I'm thinking also now that rock is right. Think about it like this (at least this is what helped me with this problem at first) Rocks are made of molecules, and maybe armadillos are too, but rocks have the right molecuels that make up cells. Think about a balloon. As it gets bigger there is more air. Like this, a rock as it get's bigger has more molecules. And a cell is the result |dw:1363218445712:dw|
Did u srsly just write all that? -.-
jfc. molecule does not equal cell. cells are present in living things. a bed frame does not have cells. a squid has cells. a rock does not have cells.

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