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I'd just like to congratulate the great users on OpenStudy that caused me to get this notification when I got on FLVS. I hope you're happy.

OpenStudy Feedback
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1 Attachment
oh. my. god.
And I can't get on OpenStudy while on FLVS. Cool.

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Other answers:

Dude omg check your email.
omfg. i'm gonna die
dood that sucks :c
i got the email too. did everyone get it?
Omf. I demand a revolution!
Of course, Incognito mode works just fine.
so now I have to use one of the sites in incongnito. @aripotta, no.
hehehe stealth mode activated
i usually only post questions on here to make sure i got it right though. is that considered cheating?
no. that's considered checking your answers.
Anyone else with me on starting a movement to argue our case on here?
Time to reply to the message.
I am not happy about this at all.
Rant. Give them a piece of your mind!
just FLVS.
I guess I'll just have to send her an email and not reply to the message.
should we all write the message together?
I guess so. I'll send it if I can figure out.
who told on u ?
Who should start the message out?
Well this sucks.
@MarieSoLoved, no one did. Everyone got the message.
i help i dont just give
we all need to help write and we all need to sign it
this is ridiculous
Does ANYONE here know how to email someone that is outside of your courses?
yes it is
Dood, you mean a teacher? Or a student?
im glad i dont go to connections
it's flvs not connections
anyone outside of your courses. Cynthia Alloway is not a teacher or student in any of my classes.
@poopsiedoodle What exactly blocks you from getting on OS?
@opcode no idea. But it refused to let me on while FLVS was loading.
Now then, time to close this and open a thread for the creation of the letter to FLVS.
Oh, dood, I have no idea then. There should be an option to choose who you want to message.
if we can't find out a way to email it, we should have someone go to the building and hand it to her in person.
poopsie, we should use google docs
Lmao flvs got tumblr. just saying.
^ Going to it right now.
Ari, I'm going to make a signup thread.
@Marshall_Mathers what is their tumblr link? I'm not finding it.
its all complaints lmao.
that's just posts that are tagged with FLVS in the tags.
we could use our personal emails. copy her email address at the bottom and paste it the compose email thingy on our personal accounts
online classes for florida high school students
apples r good 4 u XD
eat apples lol
Ok, Have the open-study Team go through and check everything make sure you haven't cheated and have Preetha Talk to the School and make sure that they know you are an AMBASSADOR and because of this You WORK for the Site OpenStudy and because you are an amby you CANNOT post Test/EXAM ?'s on this site or you will be removed from your Ambassador Position and can be removed from the site.
  • uri
Omg nooooooo,I'm gonna miss Niel :3
Hmm I did not get this email, but Poopsie I do not think you have to really worry, Just do not post their questions, I have been here 3 years and I am in FLVS and I have OpenStudy open the entire time I am logged into school. lol.
Miss me too guys. i will never able to come here :( but i will always remember you guys. Love you all. bye :)
When did it happen?
Gosh :( why ? when we really didnt cheat. We cant even get help?
Please think guys, we should take strong action against it :( Must have to
we already have.

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