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A community for students.

Who would like to participate in the writing of the OpenStudy letter to FLVS? After seeing , I felt that this would be appropriate. Also, @Preetha should be aware of this.

OpenStudy Feedback
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Opcode, do you even do FLVS? o-o

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Other answers:

is it just you and me, poopsie? lol
i dont go to yall school
oh. oops.
(I go to AOA, not to FLVS) And Ari, I think there are heaps more FLVS students on here. There had to be many more students on here for you guys to get that letter.
^ No you do not.
like how did they find out
does preetha know about this?
oh. Well I've seen a lot of "Anyone here goto FLVS?" in chat and in other sections.. just so you know.
someone or lots of people cheated. The teachers google the answers to see if it's plagiarized.
i got the letter too... Hello FLVS Geometry Student! We have been experiencing a recent influx in the number of academic integrity violations involving a web site called “OpenStudy”. OpenStudy is a website we have tremendous concerns about from an academic integrity standpoint. Although they present themselves as a tutoring site, students are often not actually assisted and are instead simply sharing answers with one another. Our FLVS policy states that it is an integrity violation to veer away from FLVS curriculum and content and to visit web sources in an attempt to gain answers for assessments. You are not permitted to use OpenStudy, or any other web source outside of the FLVS Curriculum and Content, as a resource tool for your coursework. Use of OpenStudy is considered an integrity violation and result will result in zeros being issued, proctored exams being required, and possible removal/expulsion from FLVS being mandated. Posting our content questions to OpenStudy or any other site is a copyright violation and will result in investigation and legal action from Florida Virtual School Please remember the staff here at FLVS is dedicated to ensuring your success in your courses. Open communications with your instructors and use of the provided FLVS resources are your key to successful completion of your courses. If you need more information regarding academic integrity, you can visit the FLVS library or access the Academic Integrity link under course information. Thank you, Mrs. Anastacio Angela M. Anastacio Academic Integrity Manager Florida Virtual School 2145 Metro Center Blvd. Orlando, FL 32835 (904) 708-3420
So, time to open up Google Docs then.
I wish you guys luck with this whole conundrum. :/
i would like to participate and i would also like to say that you dont sacrifice the many that this site is helping for the few that misuse and abuse it (yes you can use that)
so they gonna block this site from yall?
^ they already have. Can't get on it with FLVS in another tab.
I have to use Incognito mode.
no of course not but they are going to ask us not to use it and WHAT I DIDNT KNOW THAT POOPSIE
yah like im not going to jump off a brige lol
Does Preetha know about all this?
I don't think Preetha can say anything against your teacher..
jolly, I edited a tag for her in my Original Post.
No... :( I'm not in FVLS but I can protest with you ^_^. Right? Please :3
poopsie please re printscreen that pic...its super blurry
yea opcode, you can help us write
@opcode then no. Guys, PM me your emails so I can allow access to the Google Doc.
will i get expelled...i think this is the question many are wondering
yo. you could just make it so people with the link can edit. and send the link to us
in pm
@aripotta I don't want to risk people trolling it.
Snuggie, I doubt it.
so, if you would like to participate, send me a message.
ah...key word there doubt...and also...i dont want my name on it but i do want the ability to help write it...i am good with words and making things stupid proof
Man up^ Srsly.
pardon me while I get a snippet of the CoC for the google doc.
poopsie...accept me
most kids play too much on here tho
playing has nothing to do with this. i can chat on here all day and wouldn't be any of their business
yeah but his site is seriously long as people dont break the rules
'play'? wat.
im talking about like ahh nvm
I have accepted Ari and Snuggielad.
and i like pie tssss
So.... What's going on?
check your email on flvs, sam. we're starting a revolution
I don't think I've gotten an email about this...
Well, aren't you lucky?
sam, help us anyway. pm me your google account.
@poopsiedoodle @samtasticc @Agent_Sniffles @AirPotta @everyone else well its nice of you making a letter/thing of OpenStudy for FLVS but look at what some of your peers from FLVS have been doing. They have been misusing this site for answers and help the break the FLVS code. Maybe this is why FLVS is trying to limit it for you guys to use.
That's their own problem.
I think it's stupid that ONE person ruins it for the entire school
@Agent_Sniffles yes, i completely agree with you. But life is not always fair and never shall be. Sorry that is how life is supposed to be. And yeah that always happens, one persons does something wrong and stupid and the rest of us have to pay.
Lol I never said anything about it being fair. I'm just saying most teachers now are such tight azzes and idiots that they don't let anything go unpunished.
yeah lol i know you did not say that :P Yeah teachers and the schools are like that... but i guess they might be doing it for a reason, or at least most of the time. Sometimes they are just stupid.
I'm trying to check my FLVS notifications. It's just taking forever, slow internet... So what exactly do they propose to do, are they banning FLVS students from OS completely?
no, but they won't allow both of them open at the same time. Go in Incognito.
lol ^
Darrius, if you're going to do that, don't post here.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
Poopsie i just wanted updates on what was ging to ahppened
at least post your thoughts then.
Why couldn't you just say that, Darrius?
It's letting me go on FLVS and OS at the same time just fine...
@samtasticc wouldn't let me o-o. brb.
ill miss yall , yall kool people :)
i just did agent
poopsie...i considered putting we are working faster than a bat out of hell to put a end to this but we changed it to what you see
if only you have gone to real school
sorry for the tiny picture:

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