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What kind of bands do you guys listen to? ;)

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i listen to metal, rock, alternative, and classic rock bands :)
Screamo, rock, techno and many other rock genresXD
Awesome!! what specific scremo bands? :D

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Other answers:

Technically you're not supposed to ask questions like this, but I've given up on the rules. I like ska, punk, reggae, rock. I've been listening to Alkaline Trio a lot lately.
@tanner23456 Sick! and by the way i hate those guys that go around inforcing the rules. dont be one of those guys :)
Sleeping with sirens, asking alexandria and many othersXD
@tiarea♥ Yes! i love Sleeping with sirens! do you like memphis may fire?! <3
Yes!♥ lol
I fail to see the appeal to sreamo. Why do you like it?
Because if u understand what they are saying u can relate to it
@tanner23456 its not for everyone. Heavy metal is only for sexy people... sorry :P
@tiarea♥ Amen!!
LOL Yes!
haha, sexy people? ok. but seriously, musically what's appealing about it. I understand how you can like the lyrics but the screaming just kinda gives me a headache.
Metal,Screamo. basically anything like that ^-^
@tanner23456 like i said before its not for everyone.
Logan, yush i loves it tooXD
@TheHighUnicorn YAY! what bands?! maybe i know some!
Anybody for classical music?
@tanner23456 HECK NO i cant stand the stuff
Screamo ^.^ xD I started the Asking Alexandria sheet at ECOT haha
@Naataliee123 i like SWS, BVB ADTR AA Slipknot. Alesana. PTV and more!
Me and HighUni rock this show xD
@TheHighUnicorn Dude youre taste rules :) do you like underoath? thats like my favorite band
@Naataliee123 YES I DO!!! :D
@Naataliee123 really? huh. does anybody here like classical? Maybe if you like screamo it's impossible to like classical aka real music.
@tanner23456 just leave man.
@TheHighUnicorn Can i marry you? :P
@tanner23456 whoooooeee yeah what @Naataliee123 said im not even gonna try to argue. xD
wow, rude.
@Naataliee123 xD sure. idc. heheh
well dissing other peoples taste in music is rude to man... so um just leave @tanner23456
One day you'll all grow up and realize the proper to invest your musical interests. and technically I never said screamo wasn't real music.
@TheHighUnicorn haha cool! do you like august burns red and stuff like that? As i lay dying is good too!
@tanner23456 goodbye! :) have a good day!
@Naataliee123 i love basically anything! xD
yeah me too xD haha @TheHighUnicorn
My bands EP will be coming out soon ^.^
ill tottally get it when it does! ^.^
Yay! Me and Luis herby dub you our biggest fan that hasent heard us haha
@joshsalvador77 Awe! thankssss ;)
No prob ;)

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