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You guys should add a general science section, like there is with the mathematics section. Instead of having 3 different sciences, you could just put them all as subsections of that. I've noticed a lot of science questions in the math section. They're questions that don't really fit into chemistry, physics, or health sciences.

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hello @singlesixx I assume that you have not been aware of high school sciences. Physics is totally different from chemistry & biology. Even same is with chemistry and biology. If we have different sections for Physics , Chemistry and Biology then it makes easy to study them. Suppose there is a person who is expert in physics and wants to help the students having problem in Physics. Then if there is Physics group than he can find the problems easily but if there is a general sciences group than he would have to search for it. Similarly is for chemistry & biology. Physics related problems are posted in maths because physics also involve maths concept & use. One can easily find help of some kind of physics problems from mathematicians . :)
What I am saying is there are questions out there that don't fit neatly into any of thos catagories. I want to know if there can be an overhanging science group, the same way there is one for mathematics. I don't want them to get rid of the chemistry, biology, and physics groups, I want them to consider setting it up the same way math is set up. A general group with links to the subgroups on it's front page. Also, I would appreciate it if you would talk to me as an adult. I know how high school science classes work. I have taken, or am currently taken, all three of the courses mentioned above.
o.O misunderstood you @singlesixx , I am really sorry. Well I am not sure whether the admins will get time to implement or even thing about this suggestion , will wait for other's comments though. I am sorry as I misunderstood the question and hence I didn't take you as a high school student.

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Biology and Health Science goes hand in hand as they are quite similar. Chemistry would fall under General Science. However, science is such a large field that mixing biological sciences and chemical sciences would create confusion because one is knowledge and the other is mathematical. It would be best if you create two science sections that would involve Biological Science (Biology, Health Science) and Chemical Science (Chemistry). Having a General Science section for all the sections you mentioned would create too much confusion and decrease response efficiency.

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