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Is there a career in design these days?

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Yes. A lot. If you check out various software companies on the entertainment side, you will see many. One reason that design careers are still available is the ever-growing entertainment industry that is eager to bring its role into accessible electronic mediums. Additionally, technological advances have greatly outpaced traditional means of activities, which require designers to keep up with design initiatives and projects. Therefore, there is still careers in design. However, depending on how the market plays out to be, the prospects of having careers in design available may be questionable.
#fashion design #fashion design careers #fashion designers # Graphic design -basically is visual problem solving using text and/or graphical elements. Your aim is to create something that is pleasing to the eye, and gets the attention of the viewer. But things can't just look cool. They have to work as well. #Seamstress A seamstress is a woman who makes custom dresses and garments for clients. Contrary to what people believe, the job of a seamstress is not easy, as it requires one to be creative, besides possessing a host of skills. #Research Assistant and many more....... #
In addition to what have been mentioned: I am not saying that it is the only place, but besides the internet, Metropolitan areas seem to be the few places (marketplace) where it is sustainable for those who seek a career in design

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Other answers:

@Dean.Shyy , @nincompoop, and @Koikkara are all right in my opinion. Here are some major lists about types of designing: Graphic Designer Graphic designers manipulate type and images to create things like books, catalogs, posters, CD inserts, and corporate logos. Industrial Designer Industrial designers work on mass-produced goods. They design everything from cereal boxes to stereos, though most specialize in a particular area, such as automobiles. Interior Designer Interior designers focus on researching, planning, developing, and implementing designs for indoor environments, such as living rooms or office lobbies. Fashion Designer Fashion designers determine the look of the shoes, dresses, shirts, and pants you wear. Other Careers If you're in the performing arts, you've probably worked with costume designers and set designers. A furniture designers created the last couch you sat on. And the merchandise display at your local department store is the work of a designer. Designers have a variety of career options open to them, because we're surrounded by designs, from landscapes to textiles. In fact, designers can find ways to apply the principles of design, such as form, color, and function, to anything we create. The most limiting factor to design is imagination: If you can imagine it, you can probably find a way to design it. For further more information go to:
lol....incredible thoughts...
I've found there are some great opportunities in mechanical engineering design, if you like Automotive, Aerospace, real life problems, seem to be plenty of job openings around our University :)

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