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Regarding the Chemistry Section: I've noticed a high volume of questions in the section regarding basic stoichiometric problems that most often that go unanswered. I imagine that is because of the time consumption a detailed explanation entails. In many message boards, there is often a "sticky" thread at the top of the page, where frequently asked questions are explained, so I was wondering if that would be a possibility in Chemistry section. I'm willing to write the explanations/solutions.

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I would personally like to see a "sticky" feature too.
This sort of feature would also work well for tutorials on the subjects that get asked a lot (like stoich)

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Other answers:

I support this idea
u can write solution on paper and attach photograph of it
i was thinking more along the lines of typing it up on word, but that would certainly be easier. But for me to start typing these things up, i wanna know if they're actually going to add such feature.
Works for me.
Hey, I think what would be easier than implementing a new feature - is to create an explanation, a tutorial and post the link on your userprofile. Then we all know to direct the user to that link. And you will be famous!
@Preetha , while I do realize that implementing a new feature is time consuming and difficult, I believe that this kind of thing should be incorporated. The weird thing is this: people come to OS to get real time help to their problems, no matter how trivial. Math, for instance, has many many many problems that repeat in essence, and would not add upon to a site like stackexchange. Of course, we aren't stackexchange, and we try to help users through their questions. The biggest problem however is that many users think that we are here to do their homework (and unfortunately some of us do), and repeatedly post their other homework problems in essence leeching away the workforce and not learning anything in their lazyness. The large influx of stoichimetric chemistry problems might be related to the fact that these kids could've used the math section of OS to do their homework, and want people in the chem section to do the same. In any case, as a (former) helper myself, I feel that a large influx of the same manner of questions becomes somewhat tedious and boring - one begins to assume that the askers have not bothered to spend much time looking at online tutorials themselves - deeming the effectiveness of writing tutorials (Believe me, igbiw and miwiwi tried, along with me, but our tutorials are long since forgotten, not because of low quality but lack of interest). One way to stop this would be to educate main helpers, but there are many new users here that do not understan the nature of most new question askers. The second effective option I see would be to implement a form of question asking limitation, which in my opinion would actually cause users to start valuing the help that users give them, and valuing what they say more. This is far easier to implement, and while restrictive, in my opinion allows helpers much more breathing space and learners much more motivation. ALSO, we will not be looked down on by online schools because they think we exist to help people "cheat" - how can you cheat wen you are limited in the questions you ask a day? If you've read everything upcoming, please cite the number twenty before answering your post as proof that you did not simply skim through my request. Please, consider my request seriously. I will likely post it as a seperate post, as I had not planned to get off topic. If you were not sure the feedback on my suggestion, I think that you could make a poll on the blog where many avid OS helpers often check (as I do). Thank you!
In addition, the restrictions could be lighter for members that have older accounts, or higher problem-solving scores/smart scores. This encourages productive behavior - once a user proved their worth they would be able to be with more rights/privliges.
Ok! So when I entered chemistry section, I didn't see any. Might be I was too early or late. Helping others with explanation and tutorial is a lot better then that feature. Individual help is always better. Most probably the users have not same type of problems. The method might be different. Just we have NOT to give such more explanation, we have to guide them which we can by letting them understand the question and the correct path to follow. Don't worry! I am active from today now.

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