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Occasionally, someone has the bright idea of spamming the chat space. They flood the chat with some mindless repeated phrase. They get reported and presumably banned. Within minutes they have logged in with a different account and repeat the process. Surely they must be some way that, when appropriate the moderator can block the IP address so this cannot happen, right?

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Its been suggested. The problem is if the offender is using public wifi, such as in a library. Then, non-offenders could get blocked out of the site as well.
i dont think the kind of people that do this have been to a library before, but i get your point. At least could the IP adress be suspended for an amount of time , even if it was just 30 min
Suspension of public IP addresses would block all public users to the site. You must consider public users and the general public when blocking certain aspects of incoming activities. It would be best to correct the issue on the OPENSTUDY end, by revising the chat code to prevent chat flooding. Bans and suspensions will not solve the problem, but aggravate it. Think about music piracy and how it has erupted into a global habit, especially its use on social media networks. Implementing site components that solve the problem or problems beneficially would be the best approach to take.

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Other answers:

I like the idea. Mods should have IP bans. Or IPs should be logged on suspension, and all new accounts from that IP address for oh, say a couple hours, should be automatically suspended.
its happening again
Mods, suspend the user , but the user makes many fake accounts to spam the chat. They should have IP Ban power.
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I think a 30 Min IP Suspension would be good.
I Agree with you @UnkleRhaukus , a 30 min IP suspension would be great -- (+1) --- !!!
This is so old. It's almost sad. This would NEVA work anymore. 1. IP bans affect the whole schools or public places. Well, new modern IP checks can check if it's public or not; but still, it's really not that accurate. 2. Eh. Well, now services like anonymoX (a free addon for Firefox) make it so easy to change IPs. We need a better solution.

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