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Although Americans consume over 38 billion tons of beef each year, China may soon become the leading consumer of beef in the world. If this trend continues, what will most likely change as a result? The amount of forest habitat will decline. Pollution will increase from shipping. American farms will become more diverse. American habitats will become healthier.

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C right?
i am not sure but that is my guess

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okie dokies!
A university is developing plans to build a new athletic stadium. Which of the following describes an important environmental parameter that needs to be researched before building can begin? The costs involved in paying contractors for construction The time it would take before the stadium could open The materials needed for construction The extent of land that would need to be cleared
Which of the following steps would be most effective for a local government to take to encourage water conservation? Institute a tax on purchases of bottled water Provide incentives for converting to low-water toilets Add a tax on all restaurants sales to cover water use Institute a program to remove grasses and ground cover
yup your right
okays, now this one! Review the water cycle diagram below. The mountains depicted in the diagram have the greatest effect on which aspect of the water cycle? Condensation Evaporation Precipitation Transpiration
1 Attachment
Is it B?
sorry um no i dont think so i think it precipation because when the Precipitation comes down it runs off the moutian
so it has the greatest effect on the Precipitation
Which of the following best describes the long-term impact of using a nonrenewable energy source? Geothermal energy can disrupt the water table and harm water supplies. Nuclear power damages the atmosphere by producing air pollution. Burning biomass to produce energy releases greenhouse gases. Coal mining can pollute water supplies and kill fish and aquatic plants.

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