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If you like hip hop & r&b music go to where you can download tracks for free!!

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@tanner23456 NO IT ISN'T DO RESEARCH B4 U SAY SOMETHING Stop Beefin Radio currently is regarded as the fastest growing podcast in the world. It features a fanbase of over 65 countries. Stop Beefin Radio targets the rap/hip-hop community ($5.5 billion market) that has been growing strongly over the past 20 years. Stop Beefin Radio focuses on teens and 18-54 year old adults. These consumers spent over $100 billion in 2009 in the area of music downloads, cd sales, mp3 players, cell phones, ringtones, and concert tickets. Stop Beefin Radio's vision is to commit to our listeners & subscribers; to provide the newest music available from their favorite rap/hip-hop artists; and also to provide independent artists all over the world (whose music could be major with a little exposure to the industry decision makers and dj's) the opportunity to be accessed on the same platform that the majors use to break their new exclusives and world premieres. This will enable them to be seen/heard on a level playing field. We will continue to offer music that is not availble on local radio stations all over the world, until program directors decide to pick up the record! To Contact Stop Beefin Radio, Email: Matthew Sims, President ( James Dishroom, C.O.O. ( Kenny Morgan, C.F.O. ( Jennifer Hoover, Program Director (
haha, well, then I guess it's a good thing it's is free. It would be a tragedy if someone had to actually pay money for this stuff.

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lol yeah

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