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Simplify the following expression. x - 4y + 5z - 3x - y + 2z A) 2x - 5y + 7z B) -2x - 5y - 7z C) -2x - 5y + 7z D) -2x - 5y + 3z

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A's out
really? i thought it was C! lol but okay

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Other answers:

B is wrong -_-
leaves only computing \(2z+5z\)
it's C
Wait B is wright , my bad :P
no B is wrong
So B? everybody agree on B?
no B is wrong
You want to simplify, So that means putting z with z y with y x with x and any others that are equal together.
then what?
After thats its simplified.
oh okay lol so C?
yes :D
okay c: Solve: 4/5 y + 2 =6 5 7 9 11
dont answer yet, i think i got this.
haha ok :D
its A lol sorry i had to find my glasses .-. im blindddd
Me too :D
cool n_n
near or far? im far c:
No i mean like a wall will appear in front of me without warning -_-
lmao xD i did that once with a tree... i was driving on a dirt road .-. i love how tough ford broncos are n_n
hahaha XDD
it was sugar sands fault though... it jerked me and i ran OVER the tree .-. it was pretty big too lol
Im only 15 i ride dirtbikes though that is fun when you hit thinks haha that sucks XD
im 15 too :p but i live in the middle of nowhere, nobody notices :p
Way to go lol
Choose the graph below that correctly represents the equation 3x - 4y = 12. (pictures coming up)
1 Attachment
1 Attachment
1 Attachment
1 Attachment
Grab a pair of Coords and plug in for X and Y, but that will take to long the Answer is B ;P
lol thank you C:
No problem :D
A cell phone plan offers a monthly rate of $25 for unlimited minutes plus $.05 per text message. Which algebraic expression below represents the total cost for this cell phone plan in terms of "x?" 25.05x 25x + 0.05 25 + 0.05x 24.95x
Not A B or D what must it be? ;D
i got it right then c;
haha yes :P
Let A = {circle, square} and let B = {3, 4, 5}. Find A X B. A) {circle, square, 3, 4, 5} B) { } C) {3, 4, 5} D) {(circle, 3), (circle, 4), (circle, 5), (square, 3), (square, 4), (square, 5)}
Ok this one may look hard but its not, I can tell you B and A and C are wrong.
so D? lol
D.5 :P yes D
Choose the correct description of the graph of the compound inequality x - 2 > -3 and 3x <= 12 A) A number line with an open circle on -1, shading to the left, and a closed circle on 4, shading to the right. B) A number line with an open circle on -1, a closed circle on 4, and shading in between. C) A number line with a closed circle on -1, shading to the left, and an open circle on 4, shading to the right. D) A number line with a closed circle on -1, an open circle on 4, and shading in between.
Hmmm, well I hate these a lot.
meee tooo
Can you guess, I am not wanting to give you a wrong answer. D:
okay C:
2 + (a + b) = (2 + a) + b is an example of which algebraic property? Distributive Property Associative Property of Addition Commutative Property of Addition Symmetric Property
i forgot .-.
Its B or C.
Evaluate: -3 - (-6) -3 -18 -9 3
so B! :D
Sorry for the horrible drawing I don't have a steady hand.
If f(x) = x^2 - 1, find f(3). 5 2 8 -2
\[F(3)= x ^{2} \]-1
Ok that came out Totally wrong, you need to find F so really take all the numbers plu gin for F and get your answer.
i have no idea .-. none of them were equal to eachother when i plugged numbers in
Oh I am sorry, I meant X not F :P wow I deserve a slap to the face -_-
noooo :c
It's 3 -_- how stupid of me :P
how would i find out F though? i cant find out what x is unless i know what f(3) is all together.
Unless they give you F (they wont most of the time) It is 1 so 3x1=3 .
so the answer is?
-2 :D
yay! Which of the following ordered pairs is a solution to the inequality y > -x + 5? (1, -10) (0, 5) (5, -1) (1, 9)
Ok So I will do one for you. ... 1<-10+5= 15 thats wrong, so go on to B and do it :D
wuttttttttttttttttttttttttt o.o
^dont listen to that
ohhh okay i got it xD sorry
Really!!! Good :P

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