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Why would Hitler want to join forces with a communist?
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Are you thinking of a specific communist? I'm pretty sure Hitler condemned communism along with, you know, all the other groups of people he hated.
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If this is in reference to the treaty made between Nazi Germany and the USSR (the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact), it surprised everyone when it was signed. The Nazis were ideologically opposed to communism and Hitler didn't hide it. Publicly, it was a non-aggression pact. Secretly, however, it offered something that none of the other Western powers could -- Poland. To Stalin, who always had an eye towards expanding his empire, took the more pragmatic approach. He also bent over backwards to supply Nazi Germany things like oil in open trade making it a very strange political marriage. In his view, he was happy to let the Nazis run rampant all over Europe and have capitalists trash each other, keeping them occupied.

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