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ECOT has blocked OS, can mods do something my friends aint able to get on OS ?? how to ask them to unblock OS ?

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what is ECOT @ghazi ?
Uh, the Electronic Classroom of Tommorow. Nit sure why they were blocked from OS tho.
its been mentioned by karatechopper its a homeschooling system and they have blocked OS

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Other answers:

i have no idea this is what i am also confused about and hoping that they're gonna unblock it
They blocked it because you can get answrs from the people here they can copy and paste full testsand get all answers therfor they are not learning anything
nope kids are learning too ECOT got no authority to block this wonderful website its wrong they should unblock it asap
@itsmylife I disagree while I think most people respect os and don't just hand out answers some people do and therfor we (asthe kids asking questions)are not learning anything
this is wat u think there are loads of people learning new stuff check out physics, chemistry they are learning way much dont say that wateva ecot should unblock this
^ agreed they should unblock it but while the are loads on here to learn there are loads on here to just get answers
Um. I love this site, don't get me wrong. But I find it only responsible for ECOT to block this site. I've seen whole tests be cheated. And in some cases, like in History, they'res no way to NOT give a direct answer... how would you lead up to it ? I'll be blunt. This site is used as a cheating site more then anything. Yes, it's abused. Hope the new mods will help. @hartnn is already being amazing. But I understand why ECOT would block it in the schooling environment. I'm not even sure that I wouldn't block it myself if I were them.
@dumbsearch2 i agree with you but blocking website is not a solution, just think of those who have no access to personal computers they cant communicate, so blocking website is not a solution
@ghazi This site is for communicating ? I know that some use it like FaceBook. But that's not quite the purpose ?? Maybe I'm misunderstanding what your saying
well communication doesnt mean social networkin
why do you need to communicate through this site especially while your doing homework ??
all i am saying is i have friends who go to ecot and i helped them in physics and maths personally but unfortunately now they have no means to ask questions and longer explanations i feel bad for it .... and communication doesnt mean dating either, all i am saying is any one can be in need of talk anytime so this is bad :(
um But need of talk you can talk through other means ECOT just doesn't want cheating: I understand that
Open Study is not just for cheating like people think, sometimes you need help understanding a question, and need someone to help explain it better than a teacher can. They should unblock it.
i can email them answers but they cant get it checked at that moment, either they have to go to public place to have access or to wait, bro i am not saying talk for what you have perceived from these kids , NO, absolutely not i am saying how am i gonna reach them now?
Some people abuse it for cheating. Period.
thats sad :(
I know. @hartnn seems to be an amazing mod though. Let's see what he comes up with.
i was expecting him way back and i was sad seeing him amby but now very happy he is very prompt :D
@dumbsearch2 you might have noticed the less number of people here because i guess there are like 20-25 people who've been constantly present here before the site was blocked but now its heavily reduced...

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