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WHat do people think of the sub-religions?

HippoCampus Religion
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Sub-religions? Heh?
"Cult" is much misunderstood a maligned word ever. It's used in the KJB Bible once. I refer to the time the first Temple was destroyed and the Second built. King Cyrus of Babylon, said to be a Messiah "the anointed one" said "The Jewish cult should be allowed to return to their homeland and rebuild their Temple. Evidently cult refers to a religious group apparently separate from the main stream, but is it really.
@Compassionate sub being branchsoff religions

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Other answers:

sub- actually means under, beneath: as subculture like the drug culture or the criminal culture. The subculture actually feeds off the main culture and are not really a branches off. A branch of science is engineering, a branch of western religion is the Anabaptist, to baptize again, which became the Baptist, a branch of Hinduism is Buddhism, well not exactly, Buddhism is a rejection of Hinduism and the Karmic cycle, but there are branches. A branch generally means a continuation keeping the same foundation or root. When something actually comes about on it own and is self sufficient in thought and action it becomes a foundation, otherwise its an offshoot or contrary to what already is apparent in the world.
I have never heard of tht.........i would like to know tht :)

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