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Favorite songs and artists?

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This is not allowed in the music group. Please close this.
Nowadays, music is all over the place. A favorite would be ultimately a personal preference.
boulevard of broken dreams, greenday.

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Other answers:

How is it not allowed in the music group? Has everything to do with music. |dw:1364238660253:dw|
lol, just careful of wat u say an allowed, word it differently.
I said nothing against CoC though
i knw future, thts wat i do an others.
:) as well skyscraper, demi levato.
currently Stubborn Love by The Lumineers
hmm right now im ondecode, by paramore
whoops on decode.
50 ways to say goodbye, train also.
nice stuff
thnks my chemical romance, neon trees, linkin park a little taylor, an bit of country.
all good music...except country at least new country i dont like
yea new country not so much, my little girl, tim McGraw an cowgirls don't cry, brookes an dunn my favorites.
brad paisley :)
oh yea, keith urban? Kenny Chesney?
yes urban is awesome no chesney is not for me lol
yea not im much how bout rascal flat?
my best friend obsesses on country music stars. I never hear the end of it.
It's a poll question about favorite whatevers. That's a nono. It belongs in the chat.
how do you do a chat, sorry if im souding stupid.
People are rude and such in the chat...not a place i want to be...
and its not a poll not putting genres here and asking people to vote for the genre they like the best...a poll is only done if there is voting involved.
wats a chat an how do u do one?
you see those rectangles at the bottom of your screen?
thats the different chats
oh k.
i Like lil wayne got money haha
oh god lol
lol i had to its a classic lol i like a wide array of music tho
it's not a classic lol...tupac is classic lol
ok i agree lol i like biggie - big poppa
lol yes
It changes a lot but Dying Fetus - Subjected to a Beating as of now.
I'm glad you basically said Lil Wayne sucks, he does. Tupac all the way.
how to love-lil wayne, all the way thats the only song i like from him tho=)
The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
Stubborn Love - The Lumineers
yep. :)
My 4th favorite band has a new EP out ::D
Same Mistakes One Direction I <3 1D :)))
Lol...whatever floats your boat.
boulevard of broken dreams, i think i said that and the theme song from smallville. :P
Kegan, it's a poll question. 'Tis not allowed.

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