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Genetic variability is the most important result of A)Sexual repruduction or B)Asexual repruduction

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most likely sexual, in sexual two individuals are involved so there is room for a more dynamic (forgive my choice of word) result, but in asexual only one individual and one type of DNA so we can't expect anything new........
Thank you so much. :)
Provide examples of asexual and sexual reproduction. Just knowing the answer wouldn't really help you much in the long run if you are not able to connect the dots.

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Other answers:

It's fine. I was thinking it was sexual repruduction. I just wanted to know if it was right
but what it is in sexual reproduction that produces genetic variability that it isn't in asexual?
look up nincompoop...i think i wrote it there
I know the answer, but for the sake of intellectual exercise archaea and bacteria reproduce asexually, but do we consider them genetically invariable?
bacteria are capable of collecting genetic material from their environment and from other bacteria (translocation and transduction) and combining it with theirs, thats the reason for their variability...
that's the typical characteristic of virus. Genetic variability arise from different sources - mutation is one. I am not trying to confuse you, I am just trying to help you be acquainted with all the things that involve variability. When you see the terms like agamogenesis and parthogenesis (asexual reproduction in many plants and some birds) you'd be discombobulated why their taxon is nothing but genetically invariable. One good way to look at is in some cases, some species are able to do both asexual and sexual reproduction (heterogamy) like Daphnia. During extreme environmental conditions they reproduce asexually to reproduce faster, but they return to sexual reproduction once predation and competition increase.
the question asked was very straight foward, and did not require all these mountains and valleys, just a basic explanation.
I know. It's just that biology is never just a straight-forward answer :) One has to go through all the heaps and hoops in order for an answer to be valid.
haha yeah

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