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Happy Easter to OpenStudy! I would like to say thanks to all the mods and ambies who have made this site what it is today! I am able to sit back relax and help others on OpenStudy because of you! I would also like to thank OpenStudied Admins and technical squad that keep the site looking amazing and always up to date!

OpenStudy Feedback
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Sitting back drinking a awesome home made frappe and helping answer!
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Easter medal hounding :3 How cute ;)

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Other answers:

lol..not medal hounding at all i just seriously want to say dont have to give me a medal at all... Now kissing a
lol...oops forgot.. @andriod09 and @Opcode who is really a ambassador whithout the "A"
They'res also a lot of flattery envolved. "keep the site amazing and up to date" It hasn't been changed for years. I wish that they would innovate how they used to. Amazing features every day. Apart from flattery, prolly to get a couple medals from the admins and mods, it's fairly false. They're not updating it. I wish they would listen to some of my suggestions here
i havent been here that long so i dont remember new features daily...i like it the way it is though
Yes. It's very nice. Just I don't want them to just call it a day ;)
i would still give him medal for the wonderful feedback, even if he doesn't require it.
@SnuggieLad Thanks for your feedback regarding OS. Users like you are the ones who are the real heroes, without you the site would have not been so famous and helpful.
haha @mathslover is biting me :}
medal hounding works
its not medal is just thanks
I'm @dumbsearch2 btw
yeah i know
And I'm being honest I don't want to praise OS to the ceiling It still needs work. It's getting a little neglected. It's not about who were the hero's, it's a fact. And I'm not going to make a post, mention everyone and medal hound from the sugar-coated reality.
I believe, saying Happy Easter and thanks is not medal hounding, you may think otherwise. and how is this sugar coated reality ? he didn't say anything like OS is perfect...but its gonna be perfect, pretty soon.
:| I am not medal houding...i am not sugar coating it...this is truely a helpful site that i believe is somthing the community needs...We not only need to uplift them and tell them how well they are doing but we need to give them helpful tips...they are the ones that keep us in line...if there is somthing you want to see done tell sure they will listen...but we have reached a point where there are not many new things left to give...stop posting on a question that was ment to be thanking them with your crap(i dont know if you think thats a bad word or not) telling them that they are not good enough...i think they are exactly what we need and you just need to stop...
I don't want them to stop innovating. Because, they are. But fine. I'll stop with my "crap".
Whenever I made posts for suggestions, value suggestions, the mods never stopped by to give me a medal, or at least listen to some of them or comment.
Thanks for the feedback! Remember not all us here at OS celebrate! Happy Easter to you, though.
Oh shucks >:\ I'm @sean_anderson but I gave you a medal anyways :}
on both accounts :P

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