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This has nothing to do with may...much later but not now...

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new layout for
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what color would suit the chat?

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Other answers:

maybe you should make it so people can change it themselves
customizable, i mean
thats a really good idea.....
suggestions...this is for
Ya This is my site, he's giving a couple design concepts for dumbchat :} IDK he should have consulted me. :P
Thank you, @snuggielad :)
I personally think it's not colorful enough, not enough colors, just like a table stuck here and another one here I'd love a little blue here and there,like how it is in my current. And the borders on some of the icon's are in my opinion way off, it should be border:0 and the search box is not big enough. It seems that you went with the default styling for most of these elements, ie not special gradients or embossing, but I'll change those with CSS. :) Especially the font, I was using Lato and I like it very much. Nice idea, gives us some cool ideas from what should go where design-wise. I'm going to work on something based on your idea and from there we can collab :) My whole design approach is similar to that of Metro, and my tastes in this area could be best expressed with the new myspace
Thank you so much for helping me :3
lol..i know it is your site..never said it was a matter of fact @AriPotta can vouch of me...i did in fact say it was your site...secondly i actually did add more blue...i am still working with the design concept...why dont you write what colours should be what over top of the pic...
@dumbsearch2 I am trying to figure out a color scheme but his one looks to me a little close to opennstudy
1 Attachment
+ it looks ugly with all that bright blue I'm talking about gradients, polished design backgrounds+buttons like this here : OR we could go the metro approach Like simplistic, but stylish. But let's not go 90s. :P
i know its ugly...i am trying to adjust the scheme...then i will work metro lol..lemme get colors then i will start with adjusting the code...i will tell you now...i think you should leave the bottom and top area...not the right pannel but the left should hava a side panel to get to everything you need that is close to you..
@dumbsearch2 i think you should leave a little column on one side...
1 Attachment
huh still looks werid
well it could go on the other side lol...its just the color..i dont know what color to make it
@AriPotta @dumbsearch2 what do you think of a log in page like seems to be more to your liking...
1 Attachment
maybe it shouldn't be blue. it's reminding me of like, twitter or something
yeah..ill update that...that is just going to be logging in though...for the home page you will start with a blue color and swap between red, green, and blue.. as seen here
1 Attachment
oh ok :o
please reply to this post...give me your thoughts
Question. Are you guys going for a minimum style look?
We are going for stile...but having the minumum we can on the suggestions?
I don't like the layout.
A sorta agree, @opcode. I'm into Metro, stylish, like the new MySpace. OR designs like premiumpixels. Either or, but 90s doesn't cut it ;\
I see that you used for the login, but TBH I don't think it blends well with the simplistic metro look that (at least I) am trying to accomplish.
Take time to use the new MySpace, you'll see what I mean.
I like the block type design.
what do you think about these designs pic your fav...trying to get colors...if you dont like them i will start the metro design...i will keep the log in thing but only keep the actual log in box...i understand what you mean sean...i will try to work that out...though the header and footer i will try to work in the way you have them now
i am still going to use the tables because they are fool proof...the metro design kind of messes up after a while...the box design will look the same as th metro design i will only use the box as a positioner
i like that second one. would i be able to make it pink? :3
i havent made that yet...this is all begining stuff...i dont have a lot of spare time so i just threw a couple of these two as well...i will be making my own website soon as well but for now i am trying to give sean ideas...
"i am still going to use the tables because they are fool proof...the metro design kind of messes up after a while..." How does some basic CSS styling ruin the whole site ? Tables are just an HTML element. You can apply a metro-like design on tables as well. TBH I MUCH prefer the current design on my site.
how does it ruin anything ?? Metro is a design concept.
The constrast between the colors looks kinda messed up in these Honestly, it doesn't really look that much different from my current. And I don't use tables. Tables are just a way to format the content, you can create the excact same look with absolute positioning like how I did. I like absolute positioning becasue it's more customizable. And the icon borders look strange. You can try applying the "border:0" attribute to it.

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