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Today @pooja195 and I were discussing how frustrating it is when people plagiarize a websites answers, which normally consists of copying and pasting information, and calling it theirs. Sometimes, when called out, they correct it, and admit their mistake, but others, they get angry and defensive. Though copying and pasting helpful links are helpful and okay, because it is leading the asker to the answer themselves, copying and pasting the information from a site without citing it isn't. I decided to take a look at the Code of Conduct to see if it mentions this, but it doesn't. We think it needs

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*****CONTINUED**** We think it needs to. Hopefully this will help moderators crack down on plagiarism, which isn't okay, in any situation.
If plagiarism is a big deal then y isn't it mentioned in coc @erdog82 has a point :)
  • uri
How many times will you guys post about same thing? I think its already discussed.

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Other answers:

@uri Not really, we are bringing the fact that the CoC doesn't mention it.
  • uri
@uri Yeah.
see it mentioned anywhere?
  • uri
You think I'm gonna read the Coc? Never.
@uri But you are an ambassador, you really should. Also, its actually pretty short.
  • uri
I know its not mentioned there.
@uri Ok, so do you get our point?
@saifoo.khan Can you explain why its not on there?
@Opcode Do you think this should be in the CoC?
It is in the Terms and Conditions. At lest in a way it is.
@Opcode No offense, unless you get a reward for reading it, or if the part you are talking about is highlighted, underlined, circled, and in bold, no one is going to read the terms and conditions. Some do read it, but not many.
@Opcode the first things new users look at is the Coc ......
Oh... o.o
@Opcode Yeah..
@Agent_Sniffles Do you have an opinion on this topic that you want to share ?
  • uri
Tbh, I don't care. I think people should cut the crap, and quit giving out answers and plagiarizing. But, there isn't much you can do about it. And I don't think the mods care enough to change it.
@Agent_Sniffles I guess your right. But still, I am very surprised that it isn't on the CoC
Like I said, they don't care enough to be bothered to put it in.
Just live with it.
Ok.. I guess that ends my quest to end plagiarism. :( Well, I tried.
@Agent_Sniffles mods should atleast change it even if they dont care new users would think its ok
o.o Don't give up that easy...
@Opcode Then what can I do? No one really cares. Unless we have an OpenStudy petition, made by someone who can get lots of people to get interested in the topic, and to sign it, its not going to work.
Is anyone on board for the petition idea? :)
@erdog82 jus add there name to the question :)
Even if it is in the CoC, how many website strictly adhere to and enforce that? Youtube clearly states that you cannot post videos that do not belong to you. But type in any song and I guarantee you will find at least one video that has been posted by someone other than the band and it is the music with lyrics in a power point scrolling on screen
This is a learning website which is completly diffrent from youtube @dave0616
You can't compare apple and oranges. YouTube = Entertainment. OpenStudy = Study site. (At lest it's supposed to be...)
thats right @Opcode
I understand that the concept of the site is completely different, but they are the same in the concept that they are websites in which people from all over the world are free to express themselves viraly. The distinction between the two sites is that youtube does it through videos, and this is a website to help with homework and learning. But my point is that on a basic level the two websites are similar, and that the CoC us not followed or enforced regardless of what the website is
ok forget the coc but u think plagiarism should be tolerated???
@Opcode I understand that they are different species, but both the same family. @pooja195 Under no means should plagierism be tolerated, but on the other hand, how are you going to enforce that? Yea, it isnt right, but people are going to do what people are going to do. And in the grand scheme of things I dont think that it should be an enormous issue on this site simply based off the fact that there isnt anything being turned in here. People come for help (or unfortunately exact answers), and then use that learned knowledge on an assignement that is going to be turned in.
ok u have a point but every new user that comes on OS is gonna thinks its ok an that will cause more people to plagerize so it should strictly be mentioned @dave0616
I believe the rules are enforced... People that step out of line are warned by moderators and admins.
but some people ignore warnings and when they get suspenede they create a new account
Eek! Don't tag purples o.o Anyway that has been brought up.
@pooja195 I have personally not run into this issue, but then again I have only been using this site for about a month. All I'm trying to say is that in the grand scheme of things, no one is really getting credit for an answer using this site. If someone gets a correct answer off of this site, and puts it on their homework, should they have to cite that answer to this site? No one is going to do that, it wouldnt make sense, yet it would fall under the same category as plagiarism being discussed right now. This site is to help people, and if people feel the need to plagiarise in order to help someone else learn, that is what is going to happen. @Opcode brings up a good point as well, if someone gets banned from the site for plagiarising, then makes a new account, then really what good is being done by creating the rule in the first place? While i dont agree with plagiarising, I believe that if someone is helped through an answer that has been plagiarised, then some good has been done, and this site has served its purpose
yes @dave0616 u have a point again we just want to make sure it gets to the COC even if no one bothers to read it atleast the people who will get something out of this
Not that it would be a hard thing to change the CoC (or i would imagine), I honestly just dont see the point. Yea maybe throw it in for show, but if at the end of the day if someone was helped by the site, i think it doesnt matter what the CoC, or rules or anything say. Some good has been done.
@dave0616 plagerizing is a serious matter if it is not sited then no good has been done
I realize it is a serious matter, I completely agree, but the sites that people are plagiarising are meant for learning, and the person answering with the plagiarised answer is just relaying that information from the source to the person. But just ask the person who is up til 4 am working on physics and cant understand the concept, ask them if it didnt do any good. Im sure theyll disagree
well then how come they dont just search it themselves plagerizing is copying and people rely on perfect work ask the person who got busted for a plagerized answer from OS by there teacher????
*their. and well that goes back to my other point, if people get an exact answer from OS, then why dont they cite in their homework? they wont do that, and that is a completely different issue because in the CoC it does state that exact answers should not be given, and that it should only be used to help the person get to the answer on their own.
@dumbsearch2 if u don't like this u should go help someone and @dave0616 u have a clear point but it should state NO Plagiarizing
Whats the point of this ._.? I'm pretty sure they know its not in the CoC....
  • uri
Dil mai meray hai Dard e disco.
I'm sorry. But what can we do at this point. Excuse me getting mad, but I'm being serious. Medal-hounders, what's the point of making 55000000 threads about this ??? We can just do what we can do as a community. And the mods are lazy. Can we change that, right now ? And I suggested programtically a way of checking if the answers are plagiarized, so hope the admins will do that.
@Carniel i completely agree. They wrote the CoC, and im sure plagiarism came across the table in writing it.
wow @pooja195 our question blew up!!
i kno rite
@dumbsearch2 yr rite about mods being alittle lazy but u think there gonna go out there and site every answer
What is the point. The mods know that plagiarism is wrong. So what are you even discussing ?
then what are you suggesting, what are you gonna do ? @pooja195 I just suggested code-wise how to prevent this.
@dumbsearch2 I just think it is needed... its just enforcing the fact.
@dave0616 Then why do they decide to keep this pointless post up T^T? They know what they are doing. You guys (People in general) aren't helping them do anything for the site.... Plagiarizing.... I mean really?
@Carniel This post doesn't seem very pointless...
what is needed?
@Carniel this has been a recent problem an it gets really frustrating to see this thats y
@Carniel I was just trying to get the point across that it isnt going to happen. I'm on your side of the issue, I just decided to say something about it, forgive me for voicing and opinion
@pooja195 why is it frustrating to you? have you written things that people are plagiarising and then using without your concent? i doubt it.
@dumbsearch2 The need to mention plagiarism in the coc
Not saying your the prob @dave0616 Just saying this is pointless when they bring this up and don't just PM an Admin or something e.e
@Carniel I agree, it would do more than getting 10 people fired up over something that the admins probably dont read half of anyway haha
@dave0616 if u dont agree with this u should go to another post(not being mean)
Well i thought this was a discussion board @pooja195, im discussing the issue with you and asking why it gets you so fired up. I reallly would like to know your motives behind this issue, because im sure youve gotten help from a plagiarised post if its happening as much as you say it is.
@pooja195 Just because someone doesn't agree means they have to go to diff post o_O?
^ thats what im saying! haha
Dang. Close this. ._.
@dumbsearch2 stop spamming
@Carniel @dave0616 No, you don't have to leave.. This is my post.!!! I welcome debating
lol thats not the purpose of openstudy @erdog82 Lets close this this is pointless
im sorry i didnt mean for this to get into a fight
stahp being a medal hounder and close dis dang thing
Its not a fight. Just getting this closed should be top priority
@dumbsearch2 In fact, there are only TWO medals on this question..
who is spamming @pooja195?, well thank you @erdog82, and pooja, please answer my question i really would like to know your motives behind this issue. And by the fact that you havnt answered that yet it makes "medal hounder" (dumbsearch92, second to last post), seem more and more obvious. note my cited quote....
@dave0616 it is my question, so you don't need to ask @pooja195
I'm thinking you both gave each other medals...
@erdog82 then you answer my question, what are your motives behind this issue? I only aasked pooja because she was the one arguing with me over the topic
guys we don't want medals this is getting out of hand we just wanted plagerizing to be mentioned in the COC
@Carniel i wanna give you a medal for your last answer, but i dont know how well that would support previous statements hahaha
@dave0616 My motive is that I had a bad experience with a user because he cited an answer as his own, and when I called him on it, he started to go crazy and 'yell' at me. IN the past few weeks I have seen more and more of this, and I was surprised to see that it wasn't in the CoC. Is that good?
all im wating to know is how can your experience be that bad? Ok you called him out on it and he went crazy, thats the point you stop following the question. In the end you were helped and got your answer, so why does it matter where the answer really came from?
I should correct myself, why do you really care where the help with the answer came from,?
@dave0616 I was helping someone else. Plus, a lot of sources aren't reliable, including the one he was copying from. I wanted the asker to know. I believe conflicts like mine take away from OS as a whole, and adding it to the CoC will make us able to just say "its against the CoC" which we currently can't say, which may make people think its an okay thing to do, which it isnt.
@dave0616 its ok if u got an answer from a website i just think they should site it and it would be ok.Wats wrong if u site it ,it wasn't gonna hurt u
@dave0616 Does that explain it well enough?
honestly im bowing out because i have better things to do with my time than argue with some 15 year olds one this post. I hope you feel you've won, because this post has long since lost all the intrinsic value it once had. good day.
erdog are you an augument vampire ? low on blood ? this thread is long enoug. everuthing that had to be said was said. enough. close this damn thing.
and the mods have been tagged. they'll see it too. enough.
Okay. Thank you to everyone that voiced their opinion in this post. As many of you said, this is too long and is pointless now. To be honest, I had stepped away from my computer for 1-2 hours, not knowing this was going on. Though I wish this wouldn't have turned into a fight, life goes on. Hopefully something will happen as a result of this. I am sorry for letting this go too long. ~ @erdog82 The post will be closed soon.
yep. :)
O.K . As I went through this post I felt I must really point out somethings to my fellow users . First of all there is no point in posting the same topic twice .This topic has been brought to attention to the admins and mods and they suspend the user without warning for plagiarism . Next we dont want medal hounding to be rampant as @dumbsearch2 pointed out . The Smartscore system was infact introduced to reduce the medal hounding attitude of users as one of the main objectives . Now who said our mods are lazy ? o.O Please understand that they are normal people like us who have their own life apart from monitoring the site . Sometimes they might be busy even when they are shown online,that could result in them not taking immediate action for a report .This does NOT mean they are lazy !! I bet the addition of new set of mods have made a significant change favoring better monitoring of groups . Also be VERY CAREFUL when expressing your views so that the discussions dont turn into fights .Everyone has freedom to reply to a post ,stay in a post or disagree to statements but make sure you do it politely and in a friendly manner . The best thing to do is when you see someone copying other's work , REPORT them ! That will do the trick :)

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