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59shashawna: can people please nomonate my freind on

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no, I'm not going to. Mainly just because your username is onedirection.
its not like im forcing u to and if u cant say any thing nice then u should keep our dawm mouth shut
Wow tanner thats rude. didnt anyone teach you if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all? like seriously if she likes ondirection she likes them. you may not but you dont have to. and frankly i dont care if u nominate me or not. but you dont need to be rude to her

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Other answers:

Don't freak out. I was just kidding. @onedirection822 you can listen to whatever you want. although, I would suggest something with a little more substance, but to each their own. also, I'm pretty sure dawm is not a word.
Like i said tanner be nice!!!
That was me being nice. I'm as nice as possible without dancing around people's feelings. Brutally honest but in a less offensive way.
i still wouldnt cuz idk your friend...and tanner might be judgemental and straight out which makes hime seem rude but hes pretty chill sometimes hes just sort of annoying sometimes no offence Tanner lol im being honest
I'm Shashawna Im her friend.
well i know how you look but not who you are. sorry but all i can say is i hope you make it and if you do dont be like other artist.
its asking for all of the following : The details in this section relate to the person being nominated. Act type: * Solo Group First name: * Last name: * Gender: * Male Female Date of birth: Place of birth: Job: Nationality: Where do they usually sing?: Have they applied for the Programme before?: *
@Tanner no messing with one direction >.>
Act type: Solo First name: ShaShawna Last name: Hickok Gender: Female Date of birth: January 8th 1997 Place of birth: puyallup washington Job: Student Nationality: Hispanic/cacasiun Where do they usually sing?: Everywere Have they applied for the Programme before?: No
@razor99 are you talking about one direction, the boy band, or one direction, as in the person with that user name?
y the hell do u care
@onedirection822 why are you so angry?
@tanner23456 please keep your comment to your self.. please we do not want any arguements please tanner and @onedirection822 well dont make everything worst keep as calm as possible thank you :)
I'm quite calm actually. not sure what onedirection's deal is though. I wasn't even talking to her.
but please tanner im asking nicely. your comment sometimes make people blow their tops so please dont we do not want arguments
haha, they'll be fine. It's good for them. It gets them thinking. Besides, the world needs to be more passionate.
yes tanner but they also need support dont you think. @onedirection822 true if you become famous you will get alot of critizing people
Not as much as you would think. Support is good but if everybody says everything is great all the time then they'll just be heart broken when they find out the truth. I'm just the balance in this world of too much.
yes but just dont start any arguments ok tanner. they will get the truth everyone lies in their lives
I never start arguments. Only thought provoking discussions.
its cuz ur honesty is offensive to some people and they get mad so try to avoid that please?
Joan im not trying to be rude but what made u comment? because i dont see how tanner was being rude.
@Tanner do u see any onedirection band u only see a user called onedirection so keep quiet
wow, @razor99 so angry. You need to take a chill pill. I haven't intended to upset or offend anybody and if that happened, I am not at fault. So, you, sir or madam, need to relax.
U dont know how to differentiate a female and a male right
Sorry, it's hard to tell because your profile picture looks like a dude, but you're acting a lot like a girl right now. Just cool it.
Tanner please stop with this. @razor99 plese just dont pay attention to wat tanner says please i ask nicely.
@59shashawna, Do you have a preferred audition venue (Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Plymouth) or should I just pick one? I saw your vid, and subscribed to your youtube channel; you are very talented, and good luck with Xfactor.
she said any where for the addition
thank you so much! and i dont care u may pic

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