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what if u really heard the voices of a lost loved one. would u be afraid ? would u fall down in a crumpled heap ? or would u simply be glad they are still with u ? the whole point in life in my opinion is too appreciate the little things. never go through life saying 'what if'. because those are the moments u will regret most of all. do what u like and have no regrets.ake yourself happy before u make others happy. learn the concept of true love. true love in a sence of being whole. loving your family, having true love for your friends. love everyone and everything.

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Wow that was amazing. your a good writer:) and you speek the truth:)
lol thanks ♥

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Other answers:

it was jus off the top of my head.
well it was really good. and so truthful. you cant go through life thinking what if. and it really made me think:)
wow well its the truth. very few people elieve somethin like this and then actually apply it.
thats very true. but hey you got the right mind set for it so ya:)
well not really. i can think of all lifes secrets, but still fall flat when i try to apply them. im still jus as shallow as everyone else. its really hard to commit
See at least you can admitt it though. most people wouldnt be able to
yeaa i guess thats true. hbu ? can u apply them
no. ive tried and each time i fall on my retricelol
oh lol well u jus gotta keep at it and try try again
ya i guess
how is this music?
never said it was music. do NOT critique me
Well, you did post it in the MUSIC section. I think it's kind of implied that MUSIC should be posted in the MUSIC section. Don't worry, I wasn't planning on critiquing you. I don't critique literature.
I guess you could technically claim they're lyrics and you just wanted to share them. Actually, if they were put to a melody, it would turn out to be nice song. You should try putting to a tune in your spare time and see how you do!
i keep my literature and music seperate, thank u.
AMAZING my friend. Amazing!
thanks doll
np :P
That is really nice keep on writing (not to be rude but use the words not like u and stuff)
Wow keep on writing!

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