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Hello ambassadors! I'm BostonBlue and I've just recently joined the OpenStudy team as Director of Community Engagement. I'm happy to say that part of my job will be working with the Ambassador Program. I'll be working with new ambassador applications, as well as with those of you who are already ambassadors. I've been getting to know the site and how everything works - and I'm impressed with the great work you current ambassadors are doing!

OpenStudy Ambassadors
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And she will be announcing the next cohort!
Welcome BostonBlue :) Good to have you. Any idea when the next cohort will be announced? xD
Welcome to Os BostonBlue, May I ask what a "Cohort" is?

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Other answers:

A "Cohort" is pretty much a group of ppl @EvonHowell
\[\Huge \color{Lime}{~\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\frak Welcome\:\:\frak To\:\:\frak Open\frak Study \:Team!}\]
Welcome :)
In the context here @EvonHowell , Preetha meant to say that soon the new ambassadors group ( "cohort" ) would be announcing. BostonBlue, it is great to see you as a part of OS team. We all welcome you and ensure you that you would like OS a lot. I am eagerly waiting for the next announcement and I am very sure that the selections would be perfect. KC has done a lot of work for ambassadors program , KC needed a companion to help her in this program... And she got a suitable one :) Welcome To OpenStudy !!!
  • hba
Welcome to OpenStudy @BostonBlue.
@godorovg what do you mean by "keep outsiders out" ?I believe all of us as users are treated equal here and I can say that from experience of nearly 3 years :)
why did you delete you comments ? what do you mean "circle" ? There is no groupism here :)
hi everyone! thanks to all of you for the welcome! (i liked the banner @AravindG !). i'm looking forward to getting to know everyone as we move forward. each group of ambassadors who get appointed is called a 'cohort'.
yw....Have great time here ! seeya around :)
OOh Ok
\[\Large \color{Violet}{~\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\mathbb Welcome\:\:\mathbb To\:\:\mathbb Open\mathbb Study☺} \] We hope you enjoy your stay. :D
Guten tag Boston Blue! Enjoy your stay
\(\huge\mathfrak{Wurlcurm\ Ter\ Erpensterdeh}\)
hey, i like all the welcomes! and the banners! thanks everyone!! we'll be announcing not only the new cohort but also the first ambassador's meeting very soon!
Yay, Woohoo New Ambi's and a Ambassador Meeting SWEET are we gunna have the first meeting with the new Ambi's?
welcome @BostonBlue :D
I'm late, but welcome @BostonBlue! hope you enjoy you're stay!
  • uri
Welcome to Openstudy,@BostonBlue :)
@BostonBlue for since @uri Didn't get it taged
  • uri
You didn't Tag him correctly so I retaggd for you
  • uri
Oh thanks.
Your Welcome.
  • hba
Oh, My bad. It's just a pic of an owl so get it kinda mixed up sometimes hehe
yes, i'm a she! sorry about no pic, have been too busy. i'll put something up soon.
You're level 57 already?? how??
gosh, i thought 57 was not that great! i do a lot of helping in the writing and english area and sometimes the answers take longer. and i have to do real work for the company! so i can't always be online helping! i'm hoping to get my score higher gradually though!
can someone tell me. . . can i post something else today without closing this question? or do you always have to close a question first i thought there was a 24 hour rule or something?
oh, and i spent some time on the site, learning how things work and helping people, before announcing my new role! that's how i got my score up!
You would have to close this question to post another question, and are you going to be helping KC (karatechopper) with ambassadors now?
yes. and for now, i'm handling everything on ambassadors bc/she had some other things to attend to. but she'll be back on board soon. i'm actually on the staff of OpenStudy, so will be working with the ambassadors (you guys are great!) as well as some other projects.
thanks for the info on the question thing. i wasn't quite sure how it worked.
am closing this one now. . . wait for it . . .
Ah, so then you're an admin, technically? because you work at OS office.
nope, i'm not an admin. not even technically. i'm a director. :)
Hey i got a question!
what do yo mean?
For the Ambie Meeting, Wut time Zone for 12:30 r u in?
bc my 12:30 and ur 12:30 may be dif
You Pst/est/pmt/ what are ya bud
It is 9:42 where you are so on April 7 you will go to the meeting at 12:30pm your Time.
Ok, Ya this Ambie wont be able to Make it bc i got Church on sunday
I have Church too but I will try and make time. to be there
i'm confused re: what you're asking, but the meeting is set on 12:30 Eastern time and then you calculate for your own time zone.
i have church too, but will go to a different service to make this time!
I ride bus so I may have to give it up 1 week
raising this from the but hey.....only 28 days late... "SnuggieLad makin' banners since...well...two months ago!" \(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\) \(\Large \color{red}{~\:\:\:\:\:\:\mathbb Don’t\:\:\mathbb Forget\:\:\mathbb To~~\mathbb Fan~~\mathbb And~~\mathbb Best~~\mathbb The~~\mathbb Answers!}\) \(\Huge \color{red}{~\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\mathbb Welcome\:\:\mathbb To\:\:\mathbb Open\mathbb Study}\) \(\large \color{red}{~\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-\mathbb Snuggie\mathbb Lad }\) \(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)
no. my sparklies. mine.

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