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I haven't written any poetry in awhile, so I'm pretty rough, but I'd appreciate it if you took your time to read this, and I encourage any feedback. Positive or Negative. Also, it's still in progress so I'm not done... thank you.. ---> Read the comment [:

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How can I be selfless without being used? How can I be demanding without being so rude? How can I open up without closing back down? How can I speak if you don't hear a sound? How can I trust without being betrayed? Yet how could I leave... even after you stayed? But how can you love me when I won't let you in? So many questions.... where do I begin? -------- Memories now blurred, flying through my mind…… Now, I’m trying to repress the days of being youthful and blind. Every morning I pull on my armor, right from within, Preparing for a war that I intend to win. If my heart is my comrade and my mind is the enemy, Then in the midst of this battlefield, Life is the remedy… --- Trying to stay sane, knowing that although this is temporary, nothing is vain… Learning that there is always a purpose and people will try to corrupt us, and bring you great shame… Being told that ‘Victory isn’t given to he who starts the race the strongest, but he who endures until the end.’ Trying to suspend you from learning to depend... on yourself, instead making you depend on the wealth, Of someone who doesn’t even know who he is, while you’re grasping the stealth of your true identity, in your right hand, in your heart, the knowledge… Never been withheld … .. . Feeling the world come crashing down on you, compacting into a mist of air so cool, The breeze passing right through, right into the depths of your pores, to ensue, The burning and broken and fragile pieces of the inhabitants of the earth from your birth to now.. Physically becoming everything that you breathe, touch, conceive, munch, perceive, every aroma... And every great or insignificant trauma, reflecting off your skin oh so temporarily, the mark so paper thin… Physically, THAT is what you are… Because we only see the physical, right? Yet, behind every movie is there not a director… a cast? And behind every painting is there not an artist, combining colors and lines so vast? And behind every child is there not a journey, a past? That you did not walk, yet you know that it’s there, not by sight, scent, taste, touch, or hearing... But something inside you, that says it makes sense, KNOWS that all of that is there, KNOWING.
Its really good. I like it.
Thank you T:

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Other answers:

wow this is really good! Incredible actually. Great job! I love it!
Thank you T:
That is really good
Thank you [:
you're welcome(:
THIS IS AWESOME, I love it, Keep it up :3
Awh Thank you :J
welcome :3
Wonderful poem.. your very good for someone who hasnt written poetry in a while keep it up and congrats on your first question in this category. Welcome to Openstudy
Thank you very much, I've been writing for a couple years. After last April I could barely write 2 lines then I'd give up, didn't really have the motivation to do it, you know? But I'm trying to get back to it again.
yea i get that writers block lol haha i write my feelings or what i am in the mood to write about :) but its great i have a bunch of incomplete poems in my usb drive
Yours is wayy better than mine :P
@joannaxox3 ooooh I wanna see some of them if you ever complete them T:
@Darrius awhhh don't say that o;
oh sure dont worry i will post them ima post a few of my favorite ones right now.. but i will tell you wen i complete the other ones i promise :)@AngelCriner
Lol yayyy, thank you
yep no problem. ima do some right now since i have nothing to do. plus it helps me relax. :) so ill have one in a while if i dont go out
@Darrius i loved urs too
Lol ok thanks
This great like it n so relatable :)
Thank you T:
Thank you T:
welcome ;P

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