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to all my friends on openstudy you guys are the best

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thanks, But this might be off topic, or not allowed, i am not sure, jus givin u the heads up
i would like to thank the following for being my good friends: @abbOt, @Dmezzullo, @Amber, @aripotta, @Thisisarri, @Tswizzle, @snuggieLad, @lilkittykat36, @dumbsearch2, and @Notamathgenius
lol np i like being friends

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Other answers:

Um...okay...didn't know you considered me a friend but awww! okay!
erryone's my fran ♥
I'm not in that list. Lulz No surprise.
haha sniffles!
you have all been been great friends
i'd like to thank the following people for being my good frans: @Agent_Sniffles @dinosour1480 @TSwizzle @dmezzullo @yrelhan4 @Darrius - he's my pal. @Opcode @timo86m @anabella97 @nincompoop @samtasticc @vortish that's a lot of people. i'm sorry :x but i love you all ♥u♥
haha thnx ari!
oh yeah I forgot @poopsiedoodle
and ari i am glad to be your friend
:3 love ya ;*
i meant to put @Amber♥theworld she also belongs in the list
Thank you Ari. Love you too. <3
Thanks Elvin! You awesome man!!
your welcome
What is this. What. Stahp. I came off tumblr for this. What No.
Misha is all over my dash. Seriously. And Patrick.
nah are the best !! :)
ari are you leaving?
lol no. you can't get rid of me that easily ;)
@AriPotta Well, that's sad :(
tyto, you have frans not friends
do u want me to leave sean
Thank you, @dinosour1480 ! :)
roses are red, Sherlock's blood too you hear Jawn cry, "He's my friend, let me thru!"
can u not
frans, what ? @AriPotta I noticed that subtle idea to exclude me from the list.
your welcome @dumbsearch2
LOL I hope you weren't joking @dinosour1480 .... ;)
Merlin...hold me. Please Okie Arthur. I'll never let go. Merlin..I love you. *dies*
no i'm for real @dumbsearch2
Cas.. Stop. I know you're in there. Cas, please. We need you. /I/ need you. Dean, shut up. *stabs* Dean randomly dies.
oh well, ari :/ I got deceived.
Doctor, will I see you again? No, Rose. I love you *ugly crying* And if this is my last chance to say it.. Rose Tyler- NO DOCTAH
And what excactly is misha ?
okay ari I'm done now c:
misha is us. we are misha.
BTW why you have the same pics...?
what is a Misha?
we are misha.
embrace the misha, sean
we are all Misha we shall stick together no MATTER WHAT!!! :-)
yeah what that person said.
for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to protect the world from devastation, to unite the peoples within our nation, to denounce the evils of truths and love, to extend our reach to the stars above JESSIE! JAMES! MISHA! team rocket blast off at the speed of light! surrender now or prepare to fight!
Thanks all. (I think!)
lol @Preetha I loved the april fools joke btw
huh tyto, explain :3 you confuse me
pm me
the power of friendship is very strong
I feel the same. We are all friends in openstudy and out of it.
together 5ever
ya I agree @AriPotta
these notifications are flipping annoying!
ya kinda I just like talking in the questions : @thisisarri
ahaha yeah, same. they could do without all the notifications doe (:
@abb0t got mis-tagged D:
you are all the best
oh, ahha hi
marrero is my brother
so yeah
hahah hii!! its not me in the pic, ahha
  • uri
@AriPotta I'm hart br0k3n now!!
aw sorry :c @uri :3 twin~ u r on teh list
  • uri
buh you had forgett meh dat means yhu dnt love me lyk yhu do to dat ppl.:c
nuuuu. i love you. ♥
  • uri
Well,ya know i love you too♥
lol he forgot me, too ya, it does mean he cares for me less :P
and no it doesn't >:L
ari, what did you think of my Create_an_Owl online generator ?
it's good :] but i like making my character owls :3
alright :] but can you at least medal it ? ;3
I mean I spent a while programmig it :P
i did
MADAM SITH LORD YOU HAVE TRAINING TO DO if you want to be a sith
so says YOUR master
yee yee
sup ari
so is it done between you and tristion
@thisisarri you no love me any more
you abandoned me :(
nooo i dint
You not talk to me when bored :(
see you left @thisisarri
sorry, ahah im kinda busy @dinosour1480 im right here
@thisisarri you helpin my brother?
ahha yeah @dinosour1480
ok good thanks for being a good friend with my brother
wow, are you kidding? im just helping him. i alwaysss talk to you
i know, but you never told me you got a car @thisisarri
oh, ahah sorry. i got a CAR!!
let me guess its a white jeep
let me guess your bro showed you
no he told me i duno how it looks
can I see @thisisarri
the car
any 1d fans?
yeah, one sec
my sis is one
cool my friend made a website and she is looking for people to help her keep it togther
this is her website
i love 1D!! :) . :)) Who thinks they are the topic most wanted Directioner?
i sent it
yeah i replied to it i said it was a nice jeep
wasup guys
wassup @marrero
wassup @bnkilinc
just talking
me too
messagin too.
wat you do for fun
how you doing ashley
good. just chillin.
im just chillin killin
do i even have to be here no one talks to me
not trying to.
stahp it >.<
  • uri
  • uri
how are you
  • uri
  • uri
Wowie... Purrty long thread you got here o_o
hey guys
Would you mind closing this? (: Its turning into a group chatbox. Posts aren't meant to have group conversations, that's why there is a chat down there. \[\Huge ↓ \]
/* closed */
heyyyyy am i considered ur friend @dinosour1480 ??? lol i thought i would be now sooo yeah :D)
yes brook

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