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Sentence fluency can be achieved by _______________. (1 point) adding appropriate transitions using technical terms avoiding long quotations

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I really need help please
Is this question related yo biology, or English?

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Other answers:

adding appropriate transitions
well if this is english it should not be on biology section.
its kinda the same
The same??? noo
"Sentence fluency" is a way of writing sentences so that they sound "fluid," or smooth. If the sentences are fluid, it means that they don't sound choppy, or annoying. ~~~~~~~~ Here's an example of sentences that are NOT fluid: I am a dog. I like to bark. I also like to poop. I poop a lot. I eat a lot. I poop because I eat a lot. I have an owner. I like my owner. I like to lick my owner's face. I like to lick poop. See how annoying that is? All of the sentences started with "I." All of the sentences were the same size. They're not fluid. Not at all. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's an example of sentences that ARE fluid: I'm a dog. Were there anymore to say about myself, I would. Instead, I respond only to the harsh growls of a disgruntled master, and the painful blows of a metal rod. Love? I've never known love. Only inconsistency. That is to say that there was no way of knowing how many scars I would be made to bear, today, tomorrow, or the next. See how those sentences sound a bit more smooth? Less annoying? The second set of paragraphs were different, for a few reasons: 1. The sentences all started with different words. 2. The sentences were all different lengths. Some were short, and some were long. 3. Some of the sentences had transitional words and phrases. Such as "instead," and "that is to say." TRANSITION is what really matters. They make sentences flow, and sound much nicer. Here's a page that can give you lots more examples of transition:
you would get a better feedback @maya91175 if you would post this question of yours in the english or writing section.
some_someone is right. I realize that you're new to this website. This is the biology section. If you have more questions like this one, you can post in the English section. You'll get much better answers over there, I bet.
Oh. Sorry about my example paragraph. I took out a sentence, and forgot to replace it. So it doesn't make total sense.
yeah @InYourHead @maya91175 welcome to OpenStudy :D A site where you can get HELP with your questions such as homework. However, cheating and giving answers is against Code of Conduct, thus posting test questions and answers is not allowed, since that would be cheating. And to change subjects there is something called Find More Subjects in blue wording and you can search for other topics, such as English or Writing where you can post your question. But WELCOME TO OPENSTUDY :D

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