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Please help with five questions.

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5?!?!?! Lol i can try
The Soviets' exit from Afghanistan led to a sweeping victory for democracy series of unstable governments Soviet-style dictatorship U.S.-backed Muslim theocracy Why did the United States eventually stop supporting South Africa? The government began enacting socialist land reforms. Popular opinion turned against South African apartheid. South Africa began taking arms and funds from the Soviets. The American public stopped supporting African intervention. Summarize the causes and effects of the arms race and proxy wars in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Use the table below to answer the following question. United States Military Deaths by Country of CasualtyCountry of Casualty Number of Records Cambodia 520 Laos 733 North Vietnam 1,124 Communist China 10 Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) 55,629 Thailand 177 Total 58,193 Source: What can be inferred from this chart? Most of the fighting in the Vietnam War took place in South Vietnam. The Vietnam War resulted in large numbers of civilian casualties. The majority of the casualties in North Vietnam were not American soldiers. Military deaths in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand were under-reported. How did the Suez Crisis affect perceptions of the United States and its allies? They no longer appeared to be a unified front. They seemed weak and willing to negotiate. They proved willing to use brutal force to end a conflict. They appeared to support the Zionist mission. Which cause and effect relationship is correctly matched? communists rule North Korean—China and the Soviet Union back North Korea Fidel Castro assumes power in Cuba—the U.S. backs the Castro regime the mujahedeen rise in Afghanistan—the Soviets back the mujahedeen the Sandinistas take power in Nicaragua—the U.S. backs the Sandinistas
I am on a huge exam and these are the ones i am stuck on.

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Other answers:

the first one i believe its A.
the second i think D
sorry i can't help you with the rest. what test are you taking?
the fourth question i think its C.
the second one isnt D , i got it wrong

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