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I don't know if my opinion is cared for or not. But I think @Carniel deserves to be an ambassador. Okay. That's all :3

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SWAAAAAAGGGGGG!!! :) Only came back to rage and say hi but now I say screw it :3 Just won't go by what an Amby or mod says to me except Blues.

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Other answers:

:( Not really a good mind frame CARNIELLLLLLL. I feel you, I want to be a Mod.
Well what you expect? Its 4 times and still nothing but, I'm obviously in the wrong :|
Many of us have been in position man, They told me for almost 2 years I would be amby and I was just recently made one -_-
Sadl'y I dont have as much patience as you. I've been told plenty times to try again and when the batches come out people say WTF where is Carniel? I've even been in the Amby program but, I guess that dosen't matter....
They did the same thing to me when the last batch of Mods was picked. But bro if you truly are considering leaving (which I hope you don't) at least wait till the next batch comes out to see if you were selected. It will be soon. I'm sure @BostonBlue here can confirm.
LoL heard that last time and it took two months ._. I'm not applying again.
I didn't really ask for much... I tried to keep people from getting in trouble all the times... Helped new users and tried to maintain chat if needed. Yet I'm rewarded with nothing :\
Carniel, listen up. "WE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR EVIDENCE". there you made me shout! EVIDENCE = urls or screenshots of where you helped, and emails of people you invited to the site, or fb or tw
@Carniel she basically just told you, you would be picked forsure you just have to resend them the evidence.
Just wanted to share my thoughts on this. I don't think that insisting on a position is going to help. Stay humble. Work you're best without expecting a reward. "Good things come to those who wait." Show them what you can do. (:
Jazy dropping dat knowledge :)
  • uri
@Carniel is an ambassador now c:
@Opcode your opinion was cared for ^_^
No more use for this post, I'm closing it. Congratulations @Carniel .

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