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My favorite poems by...wait for it..... ME!!! just a few i love.♥♥

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I almost shed a tear, lol I love them though. You're very talented mah [: I think you're actually better at writing than I am lol, very nice
Nice :)

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Other answers:

thanks.. no i just started writing last year im not that good. these just emotions :)
thank yuo @Faman39
Lol to me the best poems are ones written with experience
No you are really good :) i like it
so it means more when I read it because I can feel what the writer's feeling
really thanks. i want to show my parents but.. i dont think they would understand them or like them
If you want to you should try
Yeah i agree with @AngelCriner
idk ill try cuz idk my parents are very judgmental sometimes but ill try :)
ima show my dad the daddy's little girl one :)
I love ur poems :)
those poems are so good and heart warming i tell you u have tru talent :)
thanks i dont think i got talent but thank you
ill put a few more but later after i finish
just finished poems i hope you enjoy :)
1 Attachment
Awhh I love these ones too, you're really good
thanks :)
Love !
Truth beneath my Heart is my FAVORITE!!! Yo go girl!!
Shame and No pity is totally me lovezzz it!! That poem is very relateable for me
You have a real gift for writing girlie, You have the best description that helps me visualize your situation You are quite an inspiration:) ♥ your poems! Please post more
i will dont worry posting more later.. thanks yea all the poems on wat i feel and go thru :)
pretty good!!!
Joanna Girl You Rite the Best Poems I Just Love Them..
thanks girl haha i do my best
Got that right you do the Best Lol
haha i guess lol i dont like poetry artist like Shakespeare and them others idk y i get bord with there kind but i love how its rhymes lol
haha but i love mine lol
You gotta love your talent lol whats not 2 love
lol idk lol haha
awwww... no comment @BradNasty ....thats cold lol jk im kidding
Lol SOrry >< I Was Just Reading Them, But They Are Amazing Joanna Lol I Expected No Less c;
haha its cool. Thanks i thought i did ok Lol Im like in love with ur music
Did Better Than Ok c: And Lol I'm In Love WIth Those Poems.
Haha really i can maybe do a song but ill come out kinda wack lol. I wrote a song for my cousin for him to rap but he took it and i forgot to copy it lol.. I love your music and your voice lol
Ill try to write a rap ok Brad and if you like it its all yours
lol dont cry haha and thank you *curtzy*
wow really amazing good job they are kinda sad
its on my life my life is pretty bad.
i really loved daddy little girl!
lol yea i got that one after me and my dad came bak from the park he told me that and i wanted to cry...but u no a dad only says that but dont always shows it...

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