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Ok The ambassadors have a meeting coming up. but I am not able to get an account for i do not have a credit card. from my point of view i thing the meetings should be on TC because its free and you dont need an account. I might not be able to attend this meeting.

OpenStudy Ambassadors
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I agree with her, If we got an All exclusive Ambassador Tinychat room then we would be able to Do it alot easier
credit card for what?
for what?

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Other answers:

I guess to make an account
guess to make an account to do what and where?
Where the Ambassador Meeting are Nin.
to attend an amby meeting, i think?
you don't need an account, it's easy, you just follow the instructions in the email. we used it for a moderator meeting and it worked just fine.
and you don't need a mic - the built in one in computer is fine. i use my cheap ipod headset so i can listen more easily, but that's it.
Ok well I am already Out. Sorry, Sunday is never a good day to do stuff
Preetha pays for the meetings rest assured she pay's for them. :)
i agree that sunday is harder. it will be on saturdays in the future whenever possible.
Saturdays r Hit or Miss for me also
we can talk about using TC next time, but for now i think we'll stick with the plan.
ok that might be a good idea the 2nd part.
Like I said TC will not be necessary Preetha pays for the meetings that we attend TC will not be necessary.
yeah, every day is hit or miss for someone. myself included. although i get to schedule the meeting for a time i can make, since i HAVE to be there! :} we'll eventually find a time you can make!
Preetha Pays For The Meetings? Lets Save Dr Preetha some money and do TC
She has a yearly membership dmezz. It's already paid for.
Oh ok
GoToMeeting is used for lots of other corporate meetings. not just ambi mtgs. (people pay for it bc/it's reliable and they know it will work when they need it to.) it also has features that are really valuable for other kinds of meetings. enough said.
Can this question be closed?
You dont need a credit card or to pay for them. I wouldnt make you do that!!!! LOL!
I know you wouldn't do stuff to make kids pay. So am I invited as a guest speaker?
Just kidding about the guest speaker :D
so i just click the link on that day? cuz i clicked it and it said to download all this stuff and
yes, you just click the link on that day, download and install what it asks to and if you follow the instructions, it'll take you to the meeting, and we can tell its safe as we have used it for mod meeting.

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