• anonymous
just curious about you're opinion lol what are your thoughts about early american journalism? what do you think would happen if freedom of the press were not guaranteed?
  • jamiebookeater
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  • anonymous
If freedom of the press was not guaranteed then people would be miserable. As a society we thrive on the lives of others. Examples of this are magazines, television, movies, ect. I think that early american journalism is something that we, as a later generation, will never be able to live up to. I think that the raw and innocent thinking of earlier journalists is something that will be forever archived.
  • anonymous
Early America journalsim was an amazing thing. I do believe that if freedom of the press were not guarenteed, than this society would be far worse off than what it is today. The press gives the public information that we need to know in order to maintain a life that we are happy with. If we were denied the right of freedom of the press, than the government would the ones having the say in what we read in the newspapers and magazienes. This would lead to Americans being blindsided by their own government even more so than they already are!

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