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Were there any new features added to OS today?

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I thought I saw new features?
Yeah I dunno. It could just be some default 'site is down' thing.
oh well i thought it would have been nice if there was a feature where you didn't have to close one question to ask another. Don't you think @wio

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Other answers:

i think that to, maybe u can do another extension @wio .
I think they intentionally designed it to be that way.
This is beyond anything that could be done from the client side with extension. It would require a change in how the server itself works.
oh hmm okaii
how do u do an extention?
Google search "making Google chrome extensions". It comes down to using JavaScript to alter the page.
Oh well that is pretty neat to do @wio
thats cool!
The code for my extension is posted online on git hub if you want to look at it.
i did not know u had a code to do an extension!
yeah a code, you know like for a web page its usually HTML and Java and Python, etc.
oh yeah okey but that is cool
@wio is that "github" a free website to visit?
i hope so
Do you guys know how to program?
r u a boy or girl @some_someone? i am just wandering.
@wio yeah i do, but i am just like a beginner :)
@wio are you a programmer yourself?
I wouldn't be able to make the extension otherwise.
no i do not know
If you post some programming questions in the computer science section and I'm on I'd be happy to help.
Did you get programming lessons @wio or did you learn on your own?
A bit of both. I took a class which sort of demystified it all for me, and from then on I started programming and learning a ton of stuff on my own.
Once again COOl hahaha. That's awesome :)
Have you made any type of software?
I've made all sorts of programs, but it's remained mainly a hobby. I haven't made anything and sold it yet. I've worked in programming jobs though. The vast majority of what I've done is just hobby coding.
@wio you should sell them :) i am sure you could make some $$
BTW have you made an antivirus? I heard those are more complex?
well if u make a software please send it to me at
I haven't made an antivirus. There are tons of those as is. I'm sure it's somewhat complex. But the main issue is keeping up to date on with what sort of malware is out there.
hahaha @jack63 i don't think so lol jk idk ask @wio but i recommend for him to sell them :)
Yeah @wio i agree and then you have to have it updated and have to have your virus vault good :)
What have you made then @wio
Hmm, made IRC bots. Make the notebook extension. I made a JavaScript quiz. I made programs which would automate game play for certain MMOs. I've made a couple really simple games. Ummm, there are some other things but I can't quite remember it all.
well it was a try!
I tried to make a simple Operating System, well it was not really an OS but it was close enough :P
What was it for?
For PC, um windows.
And it was just a project I was working for in spare time.
Sounds interesting.
Yeah, sort of. It had a password to login, when it started up. And it only had a couple of features.
really awsome

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