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Make me poor if that's the price for freedom<3

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I like that it reminds me of the saying freedom isn't free. It be a great verse/lyrics to put in a song for our troops!
hahah its already in a song its called dont stop the madness by tenth avenue north

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Other answers:

Oh my ! How embarrassing ! LOL
hahah it's a christian band it's a really cool song to me I see it as a way that it doesnt matter how much money you have because money means nothing in this life time because we serve a God who is worth following than the money because I would rather lose this world than gain my soul haha sorry for getting a little to deep hahah!
No its fine ! I Love the Lord ! He's number one in my life ! I've probably heard the song before just havn't paid attention. I love how your sharing God's word on here. There are LOTS of people who need it now a days..
Thank you it means a lot im really strong in my faith I want to be a Pastor or go around the world and preach the word of God in the most dangerous parts of the world I love him that much everyone needs to hear the truth of his love!!!
That's great ! Like I said there really arn't too many people our age wanting to do that ! I was raised in the Christian religion and I try y hardest to share our faith! Everyone deserves to know God's love and what He did for all of us. Go for your dreams !
So, it's not your own creation?
wow i believe in god its just i've never been raised that well. never been to church but i want to, hard commute for my family oh u got a fan by the way. :)
i consider myself Christan but that is amazing! you do seem really devoted to the word. this is a silly an embarrisin of me but does anyone believe in angels?
Yes people do angels are real actually my mom was praying at a church im going to right now and she visioned angels guarding are church and it was like so sureal for her it was crazy but yes angels are real but we shouldn't worship angels but we should know that they are here to protect us we should only worship Jesus and God alone for they deserve all the praise(: and know sorry for not putting who it was by I tottaly forgot to but its in the bible were it talks about the poor and the rich!!and it has to do with this!
thanks brandon, i do believe but sometimes its hard for me to see, i do appreciate god and believe he is there. :)

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