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Poll: Restore OS back to its original layout? Vote YES or NO in the replies section below! SEE OS AS IT WAS BEFORE HERE:

OpenStudy Feedback
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Other answers:

Already second your opinion. c:
\[ \begin{array}l\color{red}{\text{I}}\color{orange}{\text{ }}\color{#e6e600}{\text{v}}\color{green}{\text{o}}\color{blue}{\text{t}}\color{purple}{\text{e}}\color{purple}{\text{ }}\color{red}{\text{f}}\color{orange}{\text{o}}\color{#e6e600}{\text{r}}\color{green}{\text{ }}\color{blue}{\text{a}}\color{purple}{\text{ }}\color{purple}{\text{y}}\color{red}{\text{e}}\color{orange}{\text{s}}\color{#e6e600}{\text{,}}\color{green}{\text{ }}\color{blue}{\text{o}}\color{purple}{\text{f}}\color{purple}{\text{f}}\color{red}{\text{i}}\color{orange}{\text{c}}\color{#e6e600}{\text{i}}\color{green}{\text{a}}\color{blue}{\text{l}}\color{purple}{\text{l}}\color{purple}{\text{y}}\color{red}{\text{.}}\color{orange}{\text{ }}\color{#e6e600}{\text{✌}}\color{green}{\text{}}\end{array} \]
Thank you.
Hopefully when Preetha logs back on she'll come to this post [as I have tagged her]
And take it into consideration.
Wait does that mean were going to loose our SMART SCORE? If we don't I agree :) @help123please.
why move backwards ?As years progress the layout also changes bringing us a better openstudy ! I like the current layout :)
Dayum. I was just going to post about this!!! But anyways. The site right now looks- I'm be blunt. crappy. You don't have to revert it, but at least make it look like how it used to. except with the SS and stuff. and the chats. But man, I was going to post about it! I mean, objectively. Look at this So clean. And modernist. And I'm standing here, thinking... why the downgrade ? And the site isn't even maintained any more. I looked at old blog posts! there used to be prizes on OpenStudy (announcements on the blog showed me that, like finding owlfred's glasses), the team was bigger (I believe, the only one posting now is Preetha). And the redesigns were awesome. New features all the time. What happened ? I think this is when the site started getting a little worse, a little bit more like how it is today Yep. And it even appears that there used to be something called "Achievements". No idea why they got rid of it along with the addition of the SmartScore. Now, this is just me, browsing pictures of how OpenStudy used to be, reading blog posts. What exactly was the timeline in the design part ? I'm curious. And.... what was Studypad ? BTW don't get me wrong. I love this site. It just seems like a startup team that was AMAZING, brilliant ideas, amazing goals, but is kinda... well, lost it's passion and vigur that startups start with.
Now that i think about it, I LOVE THIS SITE AS IT IS NOW! :)
what made you change ur views @some_someone ?
Well the layout right now is more clean, than how it used to be in some of the screenshots provided by @dumbsearch2.
And i think its more organized.
thats what I am also pointing at
huh ?? saw this one ?
However, what i liked from before was the colorful sort of things on the avatars. What happened to the "send message to followers". StudyPad. Achievements.
Yeah I also liked the studypads, even though i wasn't here when that happened, but it sounds great!
@dumbsearch2 I have used these old interfaces .But I like the current interface more
The ones that look crappy are these Because that's when OpenStudy was turning into what it was now, design-wise.
You have, aravaindg ? cool. So you've been here since 2010 ? :)
;) check my number of days studied in detailed profile
wow amazing just studypad seemed amazing ._.
~450 days?
477 :)
bt there are some part of old interface I want back ,we had top user of week ,day ,and many awards
awards, like what?
We should have like most collaborated, etc.
studypad.. acheievments which kind of awards ? are you refering to the acheievements ?
1 Attachment
can anyone help me aftrer you help her
@AravindG what was the XP
that one ^^ ..the top users were the ones with most medals/questions answered and they had a special colour around them and their rank near them
YEAH , that is what i like the COLORS :)
I wonder... how many redesigns did openstudy go through ? like, timeline ? or screenshots for each in order ?
well @some_someone at that time we had something called levels instead of smartscore , to surpass one level we need to get a particular number of experience points like we do in some games
BTW is that top users screenshot from these ?
from this design ?
@AravindG but now we have SS and we never know when we are going to increase lol.
@dumbsearch2 I am not sure we had many interfaces
Personally, I think that was when openstudy was getting how it was now. Much prefer.
ya you are right ...
well the SS system was introduced to remove some flaws in level system we could randomly give medals to get experience points and hence reach a higher leevel easily ..There were many 100 level users at that time unlike now when satellite is the only one with 100 SS
really ? I thought that 100 didn't even exist! I thought they just made an exception for satelite because he contributed so much!:P
yeah true true @AravindG and i guess that is good though.
Nah. I'm serious. Salelite is the ONLY one with 100
yeah he is.
YES. The changes in the SS were great. I just prefered some of the designs. And studypad. and acheivements. and teh good stuf
infact we didnt have message system at all :)
those good ol days :)
what no message? o;
yep private messaging facility was introduced recently
at some point of time when testimonials where introduced we used that to talk to each other :) can see that some of my testimonials are actually talks with people
yeah i noticed, and i was wondering about that.
can you please help me after her
what is ur question?
I regret not having snapshots of old OS with me now :/
look at my question I posted it
there a lot of them online I found a couple, which I posted here :)
Interesting. I guess they didn't want this to become like a socila nteowrk through PMs. Kinda like stackoverflow
but I agree to one satement @dumbsearch2 they had very good feedback response and fast implementations here .Infact some of my suggestions were taken and implemented in 1-2 days !
I would like the original layout with the smartscore color.
I like the original format... especially the colorful SS. (: However, I like the current format as well. Its looks compact and sophisticated, since everything is in the same color theme. Honestly this way it looks more like a quality help site, rather than a social network. I wasn't here at the time of old OS, but I don't think we shouldn't complain about the responses to our suggestions and/or problems. This has nothing to do with the OS format, but with the traffic in the site. There are plenty more users now than there were 1 or 2 years ago. (:
Doesn't matter. I don't see a big difference.
"sophisticated" isn't always best. I don't want them to revert back to the old design, I just don't want them to stop developing this site. There used to seem like there were team members active on the blog that aren't there before... is everyone layed off, or what ? Regarding sophisticated, I love the simplistic, content-centered, content-not-gradient type of design that Metro instills.
"Honestly this way it looks more like a quality help site, rather than a social network. " Um. No. Back then, there weren't all these social nonsense, like the chatting and PMs.
@dumbcow wouldnt it be better if you posted about it separately ?
I mean about the developing part
whos dumbcow ?
its a user .Why did you ask ?
or is dumbcow refering to me ? If so, that's extremely rude!
oops sorry I mentioned the wrong person was to you @dumbsearch2
theres no one named dumbcow on this thread .-.
the design IS developed. I don't understand, it's all related. You develop design. Duh ?
And the old design looks kinda like the StackOverflow/StackExchange network, hardly social network-ish.
Let me rephrase what I said: not sophisticated and not a social network site. I meant it has defined design, unlike a blog. Its simple, yet easy and clear to use... its organized. (:
well then continue :)
so basically you want the site to resemble stack overflow ?
no. I don't.
I just wish they woudn't stop developing this site. And no need to be rude, there is such a thing called "inspiration"!
then ?
And metro does not apply to specific site. It's a design concept, a way of designing. It's centered on content, instead of flashing gradients.
And no need to be rude!
who became rude ?
I love the originzation. Just on a study website, I could see a content-oriented design like Metro working quite well.
Was I rude ?? You called me dumbcow! And you started saying mean stuff to me!! .-. I'm just suggesting something, I love this site too! Geez!
I told you I made a mistake while tagging you :/
LOL @dumbsearch2 you know dumbcow is a user. Very easy to click his name instead of yours... I almost did. :P
Yes, Search. It was not Aravinds intention to ... insult you.
"wouldnt it be better if you posted about it separately ? I mean about the developing part @dumbcow" and "well then continue :) so basically you want the site to resemble stack overflow ?" I mean, I'm just suggesting stuff! I love this site!
dumbcow isn't even on this thread. He woudn't be a suggestion here, anyways!
Yes, it also suggests people you have fanned.
Not just people on the thread or online.
I am leaving :/
What are we arguing about?

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